Alaska Man Abuses Autistic Delivery Driver, Restaurant Responds By Banning Him And Earns Worldwide Goodwill

The owner of a small restaurant located in Anchorage, Alaska has earned worldwide goodwill after it stood up for an employee against an abusive customer. According to Fox News, the owner of the Little Italy Restaurante has been flooded with appreciation emails and Facebook messages from people across the world after the news of how the restaurant banned an abusive customer went viral.

It was earlier this week that the owner of the restaurant, P.J. Gialopsos, made a long Facebook post in which she detailed how an abusive customer of hers behaved with an autistic employee who had gone to make a home delivery. P.J. Gialopsos clearly mentioned she was venting out her frustration and anger against the customer, who reportedly verbally abused the delivery driver, ranted about him and foul mouthed the terrified delivery guy.

The incident happened last weekend when the autistic delivery driver reached the home of the customer to deliver an order. The delivery driver, who also has a mild speech impediment, initially gave the wrong order, at which the customer became seriously angry. After realizing he had delivered the wrong order, the delivery guy quickly made amends, went back to the delivery truck, and delivered the correct order. However, the abusive customer was in no mood to listen.

In the Facebook post, P.J. Gialopsos reveals that the customer verbally abused the delivery driver, who she described as being a “seriously accomplished University student,” of having great work ethics, and a “wicked sense of humor.”

The owners of Little italy Restaurante The owners of Little Italy Restaurante Spiros and P.J Gialopsos [Image Via Facebook]When the delivery boy returned to the restaurant after completing the order, he was visibly shaken by the behavior of the irate customer. A little while later, the abusive customer called up the restaurant to complain about the behavior of the delivery driver and called him an idiot while also claiming that the driver was on drugs. Not wanting to take it all lying down, Gialopsos calmly tried to reason with the customer, and tried to explain to him that the delivery driver suffers from a medical condition. The abusive customer, who has not been identified yet, was in no mood to listen. The Facebook post read as follows.

“When the driver returned, he came into my office a little shaken because the customer was angry (he had mixed up the pouch of food but quickly retrieved the correct order from his car. Mistakes are made all the time in the course of a business life, and when we make them we do our very best to correct the problem immediately.)… that didn’t satisfy this man… he berated him and then called him a name I won’t even elude to here.”

With the abusive customer showing no signs of compassion or respect to the delivery driver, the restaurant simply went ahead and blocked the customer from any possible future orders. Gialopsos’ decision has earned her worldwide recognition. In the Facebook post she made after deciding to ban the abusive customer she further writes;

“We have fired this customer. That address, that name and phone number will be tagged with a DO NOT DELIVER DO NOT ACCEPT ORDER message.”

Gialopsos ends her Facebook rant by hoping that the customer would one day be surprised to hear that the “idiot strung out delivery driver would eventually end up to be a physicist, microbiologist or chemical engineer who could quite possibly make a discovery that will save his sorry *** someday.”

After her Facebook post went viral with over 27,000 shares, and thousands of comments, people from all over the world appreciated Gialopsos for what she did for her delivery driver. She has received messages from several people who said her actions have inspired them to do better, and to be kind to people.

[Image Via Little Italy Restaurante]