Glitter Lips Trend Takes Over With Glitter Hair Roots Trend [Photos]

Once, there was a trend called glitter hair. As reported by the Daily Mail, the glitter hair trend began when women grew tired of touching up their non-dyed hair roots and instead used hair gel and sprinkled glitter on them to create a cool new hair look. Certain photos show the glitter hair trend featuring glitter heavily sprinkled at the roots of the hairstyles, while others show the glitter splattered all over, as the hair is designed in braids or swept up in a bun. The variety of photos display the variety of means that beauty fiends are using to deposit the glitter to their hair and scalps. Some even use glitter hair extension strands to deposit a lot of sparkle in their hair without having to alter their real hair.


However, not only is glitter hair still getting buzz on Instagram, with hashtags like #glitterroots commanding nearly 1,000 posts — and #glitterhair with nearly 3,000 posts — glitter lips are getting buzz as well.

Warning: Using glitter glue and flake glitter can be toxic to swallow or use on the skin.

After all, glitter is made from glass, so using real glitter might not be the best idea. As reported by Seventeen, using options that are safer — such as lipsticks that contain sparkles in them — can be a great way to fake the glitter lips look. One such product that contains sparkly stuff is Kat Von D’s Studded Kiss Lipstick line at Sephora. Colors like the “Wonderchilde – iridescent neon lilac” appear to have glitter-like sparkles in them, at least from the online photo. With more than 2,100 customer reviews, the lipstick line is definitely a popular one with fashionistas.


As reported by Mashable, glitter lips are experiencing their own surge in popularity, as women use a variety of means to add a little or lot of sparkle to their lips and lives and beauty routines.

Cosmetic firms like M.A.C. offer a bunch of different glitter colors, which they claim can be used on the hair for the glitter hair trends, as well as the lips for the glitter lips trend — but they do warn against using the glitter near the eye, which isn’t recommended.

“Can be applied directly to the skin or combined with products to create high-level glitter and sparkle effects on all areas of the face, skin and hair. Please note: Glitter is not eye-safe and is not recommended for use on this area of the face.”

According to Allure, M.A.C. offers new and glittery colors that are dark enough for the fall and winter seasons, but still offer the sheen of glitter within them.

“The Dark Desires collection will be available online November 24 and in stores December 3. It’ll get taken off shelves on January 14, 2016, so if you want to look as amazingly gothic as Rihanna does this holiday season, you might want to act fast.”

The name of the M.A.C. line is called “Dark Desires,” and won’t be available to purchase online until November 24.


A plethora of DIY tutorial videos have been uploaded to YouTube about the glitter lips trend, teaching others how to recreate the trend based on what color glitter lips they desire. Some of the glitter lips are shocking and bold, while others are more subtle, sort of like lipstick enhanced with a glitter gloss.

The glitter lips trend comes just in time for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, with the sparkle that glitter lips provide landing in line with the holidays, reports Bustle. Glitter lips are being called a throwback in time to eras when sparkly stuff was all the rage.

[Image via Instagram glitterlips]