R.A. Dickey Happy MLB Did Not Reverse Ruling

R.A. Dickey is not the least bit sad that a long-shot request for MLB to reverse a ruling on a one-hitter in Wednesday’s game. The Mets’ appeal on the ruling by Ray’s B.J. Upton’s first-inning single was denied, though the club felt that the third baseman, David Wright, committed an error on the play.

Despite not getting a no-hitter, Dickey was happy, stating that if he was to get one, he wanted it to be clean and controversy-free. The New York Daily News reports that the Mets pitcher stated:

“It was nice the Mets wanted to do it. It was never my idea in the first place. In truth, I’m fairly relieved it ended up the way it did. I just think it would have an asterisk by it that was way bigger than the no-hitter itself.”

Mets manager Terry Collins also stated of the play that could have given R.A. Dickey a no-hitter:

“It was just, ‘Look, we had a shot at a no-hitter, our pitcher’s never had a no-hitter, so you give it a shot.’ That’s the process. Somebody said the Cardinals didn’t ask for a review of Johan’s no-hitter. Well, that’s not the process. The process is if there’s a play, you can appeal whether it’s a hit or an error. Whether it’s a hit or a foul, you can’t do that…. Whether you agree with it or not, it’s the process.”

NJ notes that Collins also felt the appeal was a long-shot, but that he wanted to try anyway. He stated, “It (the decision) was expected. Once again, we took a shot.”

Do you think that R.A. Dickey deserved a no-hitter, or was he right to be happy about the ruling?