Latest On Paris: Five Most Recent Updates On Terror Attacks

In the wake of the horrific terror attacks in Paris on November 13, the world understandably wants to stay informed with the latest details. This is largely due to the unprecedented, unprovoked nature of the Paris attacks that left 129 dead and hundreds more wounded (at least 99 of them critically), as well as reports that some of the perpetrators may still be at large. The Paris attacks prompted a state of emergency in France. They left the city of Paris, the nation and the world in a state of anxiety, and they stoked tensions between the Muslim and non-Muslim communities both in France and the entire Western world. Here is the latest on Paris.

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5) The Latest On The Paris Casualties

The Telegraph is reporting that the latest death toll in the Paris terror attacks has risen from 129 to 132 today, as three of those injured in the Paris attacks sadly lost their battles. Previously, the casualties had been 129 deaths and 352 injuries with 99 of the injured in critical condition. With this latest update on the Paris casualties, those numbers have changed to 132 killed and 349 injured. With nearly 100 of the injured in critical condition, it is expected that the death toll may continue to rise.

The victims of the Paris terrorist attacks had roots all over the world, according to the latest reports. USA Today is reporting that at least one Britain and one American are among the deceased in Paris, as well as three from Chile and two from Mexico.

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4) The Latest On The Suspects

The investigation into the perpetrators of the Paris terror attacks is ongoing. The latest reports on the situation indicate that the attacks were carried out by three teams working in tangent, according to AFP.French authorities investigating the situation believe that there were 8 terrorists who carried out the deadly attacks, but only seven were killed. Six of the Paris terrorists died when they detonated suicide bombs, while the seventh died in a shootout with police. French authorities are now seeking the public's help in finding Abdeslam Salah, shown in the image above, in connection with the Paris terror attacks.

So far, only one Paris terrorist suspect has been identified. 29-year-old Omar Ismaël Mostefaï is believed to be one of the terrorists who caused so much carnage at the Bataclan concert hall on Friday the 13th. He lived in Chartres, on the south west side of Paris.

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3) The Latest On The Belgium Connection

The lone known suspect still on the loose in connection with Friday's terror attacks in Paris is Abdeslam Salah, pictured above. The latest reports indicate that he and two of his brothers (all French natives) helped to carry out the Paris attacks, and the three were residing in Belgium prior to the Paris attacks. This information has led authorities and investigators to focus more on Belgium as their investigation widens.

The New York Times is reporting that one of the brothers, Ibrahim, died during the attacks, at least according to Belgian authorities. The third brother that reportedly has connections to the massacre, was detained in Brussels on Saturday. Authorities in both nations are warning the public that Abdeslam Salah is considered very dangerous.

"Do not intervene on your own, under any circumstances."

2) The Latest On The Political Fallout

With ISIS taking responsibility for the Paris terrorist attacks so quickly (and being suspected almost immediately), it's no surprise that the latest fallout from the Paris attacks is very political. In the immediate wake of the Paris carnage, President Hollande declared a state of emergency and closed the nation's borders. Citizens took to social media and almost instantly fingers began to be pointed at Muslim immigrants, many refugees from war-torn Syria. Now, apparently, one of the suspected Paris terrorists is believed to have gotten into the nation by posing as a Syrian refugee.
In the latest political development, British Prime Minister David Cameron is taking reportedly telling Russia to back off in Syria. The Telegraph reports that he wants to see Russia stop bombing moderate forces within Syria and to instead focus on destroying ISIS.
"But the conversation I want to have with Vladimir Putin is to say look, there is one thing we agree about which is we'd be safer in Russia, we'd be safer in Britain if we destroy Isil. That's what we should be focusing on."

1) The Latest On Today's Plaza de Republique Panic

In a scene that reminds onlookers in Paris and around the world that the people of France are still very much on edge, mourners gathered outside Plaza de Republique began to run away in utter terror and panic, a moment caught on a live news broadcast, Metro reports.
Fortunately, the entire dramatic scene was a false alarm, reportedly triggered by the tension of knowing that at least one of the terrorism suspects is still on the run and could be anywhere, as well as the sound of firecrackers.

The world can only hope that as the days pass and the wounds begin to heal, we will be hearing fewer reports of panic when we get the latest on Paris.

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