Coworking Spaces To Usher In Google-Level Success Rate Of New Companies

Coworking spaces are reaching new heights as demonstrated with its various types of members. It might be a meeting ground for entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses, tech professionals, and freelancers, but it’s also helping to build solid companies, well on their way to Google-level status.

In a new article published by The Telegraph, it cites WeWork in London as a coworking space that has budding success stars working in its space. The work environment holds a similar ambiance to that of Facebook or Google, with its ease of communicating among members in a less restrictive way often seen in traditional employee settings in company offices.

WeWork, which was was founded in New York in 2011, is currently one of the fastest-growing companies globally. With an investment of $1 billion, it currently has a valuation at $10 billion — and has a presence in most large U.S. cities. In October 2014, WeWork opened in London and has expanded to locations in Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Herzliya, and Be’er Sheva.

WeWork is seeing Google-level success with companies using their coworking space (Photo Credit: WeWork/Twitter).

Large corporations are renting space at WeWork Mooregate. The coworking space has more than 30,000 clients, and opportunities for continued growth have a strong outlook.

WeWork Mooregate has helped Distro Dojo get the foundation they needed.

According to the site, Distro Dojo is a program by 500 Startups that provides “investment and training program for post-seed companies ready level up with intensive focus on growth marketing and fundraising.” The company provides growth-stage funding.

Distro Dojo, a part of 500 Startups, is expanding after utilizing coworking spaces to conduct business (Photo Credit: 500 Startups/Twitter).

Companies falling under the tier of Distro Dojo’s 3-month mentoring program are turning out to be some of the most successful businesses out there… and they keep growing.

Tamatem, a mobile games publisher from Jordan serving the Arabic market and beyond, is an example of that. Just 18 months after the company launched, it published over 40 games with more than 10 million downloads and 1.4 million monthly active users, according to The Telegraph. The business has four significant start-ups that have used their mentorship.

Tamatem signed a massive publishing contract with mobile games, Tapinator, in order to make their games available for the Middle-East, North African market (MENA).

A second company moving forward after Distro Dojo’s consultation is TRData, a “Bloomberg for emerging markets” that imparts valuation, trading, and risk analysis to investment companies, both large and small.

Oree is a company that makes a collection of technology tools from natural resources to offer an unconventional alternative to mainstream tech accessories.

The fourth company to use Distro Dojo is Truly Experiences. It’s a marketplace for “unique, extraordinary experiences” that includes “truffle-hunting in Alba, near-space flights and even spy training with ex-MI6 agents.” The company reveals that this is a $610 billion market.

Truly Experiences CEO Jack Huang praises Distro Dojo and the consulting they provided.

“The 500 Startups mentors and guest speakers actually know their sh*t and roll up their sleeves to get dirty, unlike the thousands of fake advisers and consultants out there,” Huang says.

Distro Dojo has a mentor network of 2,000 people, according to the founder. It’s currently taking applications on a referral-only basis.

WeWork Moorgate is being credited as a driving force behind the success of 500 Startups business model. The coworking space made it possible for Distro Dojo to grow at epic proportions.

According to WeWork, there are coworking space locations nationwide in Austin, Berkeley, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Philadelphia, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, D.C.

Prices at WeWork for members to join begin at just $45 for one day of work space or 1-hour of conference rooms every month. For $350 a month, members have unlimited access to work space and allotted 2 hours of conference room time. A Dedicated Desk is $450, and prices vary on Dedicated Office space.

The Inquisitr also reported on the benefits of coworking spaces, and how traditional companies are following the new lead of entrepreneurs in an effort to enhance employee fulfillment and creativity.

[Photo Credit: WeWork Facebook page]