Argument Over Facebook Leads To A Man Running Over His Girlfriend, Leaving Her With A Broken Leg And Badly Bruised

Steven Conners, 28, of Leeds, West Yorkshire, was sentenced to six years in prison after pleading guilty in February of deliberately running over his 23-year-old girlfriend, Louise Conyers, over Facebook, according to the Mirror. In January, 2014, the beauty student attended a party where she met Conners, who she claims wasn’t her type and therefore didn’t expect to make a connection with.

But “There was just something about him. He was so clean cut looking. He was very sweet and quiet – the complete opposite of what I normally went for,” Conyers stated. “And because I’d been so let down in the past by the more rugged bad boy types, I was attracted to Steven, who seemed like a genuinely nice lad.”

The pair ultimately exchanged numbers and eventually began dating after going out on their first date. Conyers stated that the relationship was going great, and they would often “go out for the odd drink, meet at parties of friends we both knew, or curl up on the sofa at my flat and listen to music or watch DVDs.” However, after two months of bliss, Conyers began to see another side of her boyfriend. He started to control her and wanted to know her every move, including who she was chatting with on Facebook.

“I wasn’t used to it. I’ve always been fiercely independent and a bit of a free spirit. I wasn’t used to someone wanting to control me,” she said. “But I tried to mellow a little and hoped that with time Steven would become reassured that I would always be loyal to him and that he could trust me.” Conyers was so desperate to gain her boyfriend’s trust that she gave him the password to her Facebook account, according to the Daily Mail.

“I’ve always been very open, have no secrets and nothing to hide, so I was more than happy for Steven to flick through my Facebook,” Conyers said. “There was loads of blokes on there, but they were just mates and there was nothing sexual in it.” But allowing him access to her Facebook account only made him want more. He suggested they put a tracking device on her cell-phone so that he wouldn’t have to worry about her cheating with guys from her Facebook.

Conyers thought the idea was sweet at first until he started following her everywhere. In May, 2014, she went out with a group of her friends and her boyfriend suddenly appeared at their location. Initially, she thought it was sweet that he wanted to surprise her, but when the incident happened again the following month, she became annoyed. But she didn’t confront him until he attacked her after a party. “Steven just suddenly flipped. It was like the jealous monster he was trying to suppress suddenly burst out,” she said.

“We had a huge row and he pushed me down onto the bed. I was really stunned. Steven had never hurt me in the past and I wasn’t sure how to react. So I just turned over in bed and fell asleep.”

Two weeks after the attack, Steven became angry again over Facebook. “It was beginning to drive me insane. There was part of me that really liked Steven, but another part that was getting really fed up of his jealous ways,” she said. “One night he turned up at my mates’ house – he’d obviously used the phone tracker to work out where I was. I was livid. I wouldn’t go to the door and my friend told him to go away.”

“But it really irritated me, and after I left my mate’s house, I wanted to talk to him, make him understand he couldn’t carry on behaving like this otherwise we would be finished.” She went to his home and he refused to answer the door and that’s when she decided to go home. As she was leaving, a car drove up behind her at full speed and ran her over. “Before I even had chance to turn round, I felt this almighty thud and was flown into the air,” Conyers said.

“When I landed I felt sick and dizzy. My whole body ached. I looked up and saw that car. I recognized the registration plate straightaway – it was Steven’s. I couldn’t believe he had done this to me,” she added. After running over his girlfriend, Conners got out of his vehicle and pretended as if he didn’t know her, and that he was only a witness to the incident.

“Another driver had called the police and rushed over to me to check how I was. Steven appeared by my side to looking all concerned but denied he knew me at all,” she said. “I was trying to explain he was my boyfriend, but he was denying it.” But Conners was arrested on the spot, and she was taken to Leeds General Infirmary, where doctors said she suffered a “badly broken leg, a bump to her leg and was covered in cuts and bruises.”

In February, Conners pleaded guilty to running over his girlfriend and was sentenced to six years in prison. He was also “banned from driving for five years.”

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