'General Hospital' Spoilers: Sam And Liz Fight For Jason, Emma Faces Danger, And Spinelli And Jason Reunite

General Hospital spoilers tease that there are big things ahead in the episodes airing during the week of November 16. Everybody now knows that Jake Doe is really Jason Morgan, but he does not yet remember his former life. Robin has popped back up again, but she is facing big threats if she doesn't stay quiet. Just what is slated to come next?

As She Knows Soaps details, there is a confrontation between Elizabeth and Sam coming on Monday's episode. Liz is desperate to hold onto Jason, and Sam is technically still with Patrick. However, now that Sam knows about Jason, she is dealing with a lot of conflicted feelings. Liz wants Sam to back off, but Sam isn't going to be pushed away easily.

Previews for the coming week show that Sam will tell Patrick about the kiss she shared with Jason. Obviously, he will not be happy about this, and he has some big questions for Sam. General Hospital spoilers have been teasing big changes ahead regarding Patrick, though, at this point the timing seems uncertain. Will Jake tell Liz about the kiss with Sam as well?

Nikolas has known the truth about Jason and many of the details tied to this situation for months now, and General Hospital spoilers share that he will be sharing information with somebody on Monday's show. In addition, there is trouble ahead for Emma. The last that viewers saw of her, she was alone in the park and she could be in serious danger, being used as a pawn to keep Robin quiet.

As the week continues, General Hospital spoilers detail that there is a big fight between Sonny and Carly. These two have been facing a lot of complications lately, with Sonny's shooting, Avery's custody battle and now Jason, and it sounds as if things are finally coming to a head. In addition, teasers have indicated that Morgan's mental health struggles may come back into play this coming week.

Viewers will see Kiki get some support from Morgan as Ava and Paul grow even closer. Nina begins her new job, but it won't be going all that smoothly from the sounds of things. However, Maxie is said to be lending some help. General Hospital spoilers tease that there is more tension ahead involving Valerie and Lulu this week as well.

'General Hospital' star Bradford Anderson
[Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]According to We Love Soaps, Spinelli and an old friend reunite on Wednesday's show. This is surely involving Spinelli and Jason, which should be a great reunion. While the two have already been working together, and Jason does not yet remember his connection with Spinelli in his old life, there are still going to be some powerful moments in this meeting.

Additional General Hospital spoilers detail that Spinelli will be promising to help his friend, and these two will surely be working to figure out exactly what happened to Jason prior to his return to Port Charles. As ABC teases, Jason will be going on a trip this coming week to try to uncover more of his past. Will it be successful?

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[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]General Hospital spoilers reveal that Sam and Liz will seemingly be working together on Wednesday's show to check into something, while Hayden is doing a lot of digging around this week to figure out who was behind her shooting incident. Fans now know that Hayden and Tracy are working together, and that Hayden remembers what had happened prior to the shooting, and fans will be curious to see where this is all headed.

This week also brings time with Sonny working hard in his recovery, with Epiphany pushing him for progress. General Hospital spoilers also indicate that Nathan will be doing some digging into Carly's accident. Will Nathan pinpoint Kiki as the driver who ran Carly off the road?

Will Jason ultimately stay with Elizabeth or reunite with Sam? Where does Patrick end up when all is said and done? Fans have been waiting for months to see the fallout from the Jason Morgan reveal and they cannot wait to see what comes next on General Hospital.

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