November 15, 2015
'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Bo And Hope Face Heartbreaking News While Abigail And Sami Both Remain In Great Danger

What can viewers expect from the coming week on Days of Our Lives? Spoilers reveal there are heartbreaking moments on the way for the residents of Salem. Bo and Hope have come back together, again, but Bo is not well and his sister, Kayla, has uncovered bad news. What is coming up in the episodes airing during the week of November 16?

Days of Our Lives spoilers from We Love Soaps indicate that viewers will learn more about Bo's condition on Monday's episode. There have been some rumors swirling that this reunion between Bo and Hope would not last long, and it is certainly looking as if that is, indeed, the case.

Though Hope and Bo get intimate on Wednesday's show, they also have to face devastating news about Bo's condition. Days of Our Lives previews show Bo sitting with Hope and telling her the news he has learned from Kayla; it seems he has a brain tumor.

The Brady family has a big party later in the week to celebrate Bo's return to Salem. However, the news regarding Bo's health situation will definitely have a sobering impact on those in the know at this point. Viewers will also see plenty from both Ciara and Chase this coming week, as they struggle with all of the changes playing out regarding Aiden, Bo, and Hope.

'Days of Our Lives' stars Robert Scott Wilson, Kate Mansi and Billy Flynn
[Image via Kate Mansi/Instagram]Abigail is still being held captive by Ben, though she did get a message to Chad that she is in trouble. Abby is having issues with the pregnancy, and Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate this problem will escalate in the week ahead.

She Knows Soaps indicates that Abby will be in premature labor during Thursday's show, while Chad is determined and desperate to track her down. Buzz is swirling that Chad may soon find Abby and deliver the baby, but it won't be in this coming week.

Also ahead during the week of November 16, Marlena will push Stefano for information on Sami and her whereabouts. Andre and his henchmen have kidnapped Sami, and it looks like it will still take a lot to get her back.

Sami will, seemingly unsuccessfully, try to make a deal with Andre to be released. Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that big developments regarding Sami come on the Monday, November 23, episode. Sami is determined to regain her freedom and uncover the truth about EJ, but the DiMeras are going to great lengths to prevent both of those things. Just what will she eventually uncover?

'Days of Our Lives' stars Mary Beth Evans and Stephen Nichols
[Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images]Viewers will also see plenty regarding Steve, Kayla, and their new challenge this week. Another sketchy message makes its way to Steve, and Kayla makes a move herself to try to handle the situation. As the week continues, these two will move closer toward reconnecting, but it surely won't be quite that simple or smooth to get these two to reconcile.

Is the show really about to kill off Bo Brady, as the Days of Our Lives spoilers and speculation suggest? Will Sami manage to regain her freedom and find EJ alive and ready to return to Salem? What lies ahead for Abigail, and is all of this drama going to lead her to leave Salem, as some are speculating?

This fall has been a wild ride for DOOL fans, and it is not over yet. There are more fan-favorite returns and character exits coming in the weeks ahead, and viewers can be sure that additional twists and turns are in the works. There is plenty more drama yet to come on Days of Our Lives, and fans can't wait to see what comes next.

[Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images]