‘Sister Wives’: Kody And Robyn Naming Baby After ‘Lonely’ Meri Brown In The Wake Of Her Catfishing Scandal? [Video]

Meri Brown Explains Loneliness Led To Online Affair

Sister Wives fans, be prepared to be shocked. A recent report claims that Kody and Robyn Brown are thinking about naming their baby after Meri Brown. This news is surprising, because Meri hasn’t been the best sister wife lately — she hid an online affair from her family for months, and she even considered running away with her lover before she found out that she was being scammed by a woman posing as man.

Sister Wives fans were supposed to be focused on the adoption storyline and Robyn Brown’s pregnancy this season, but Meri Brown’s catfishing scandal has been distracting viewers for weeks. Meri will finally mention her online lover during tonight’s episode of Sister Wives, but be forewarned — you might have to wait for the November 22 Sister Wives tell-all special hosted by Tamron Hall to get the whole story.

Sister Wives Robyn Kody

Some Sister Wives viewers might be predicting that Kody will immediately kick Meri to the curb for betraying him, but Hollywood Life claims that the Browns have forgiven Meri. In fact, Kody and Robyn Brown love Meri so much that they’re talking about naming their second child after her.

Sister Wives Star Robyn Brown Might Name Daughter After Meri

“They’ve all vowed to make sure she never feels that way again, since she came clean the whole family has rallied around her to show their love,” a source revealed.

“There’s even been talk about naming the new baby girl after her. It would be a tribute to her, to let her know how important she still is.”

Robyn Brown and Kody Brown announced that they were having a baby girl during last week’s episode of Sister Wives. In the sneak peek below, a teary-eyed Meri talks about her loneliness.

Robyn and Kody might also feel like they owe Meri a special tribute after the sacrifice that she made for them. Last year, Meri gave up her status as Kody’s only legal wife so that Kody could legally wed Robyn and adopt her three children from a previous marriage. The family celebrated the successful adoption process during this season of Sister Wives, and Robyn commissioned a drawing of Kody his newly-adopted kids to commemorate the occasion. The picture attempts to rewrite history by replacing the kids’ biological father with Kody in a portrait featuring younger versions of the children. It was Robyn’s way of letting Kody know that she wished she’d met him much sooner than she did.

Robyn finally got the adoption she’s been dreaming of and is pregnant with another baby, so it’s probably been hard for Meri to see a fellow sister wife having so much to be happy about while she’s been feeling so alone. However, Robyn’s world isn’t all sunshine and roses. According to the TV Guide episode description of the Sister Wives season finale, Robyn’s pregnancy is going to ruin her Alaskan vacation.

“The Browns are in Alaska doing activities such as dogsledding and deep-sea fishing, but a pregnant Robyn can’t stand the smell of raw fish. Meanwhile, Logan and his girlfriend go on a double date with Madison and her boyfriend, who later asks Kody for a private chat; and Meri admits she’s been involved with a man online who isn’t who she thought he was.”

As you can see, Meri’s catfishing scandal has to share time with numerous other plotlines. This is why Sister Wives viewers shouldn’t expect to hear too much about it tonight. However, People reports that Today host Tamron Hall will grill Meri about her catfish during the two-hour special, set to air on November 22.

Sister Wives airs tonight at 8 p.m. ET on TLC. Do you think Meri will come clean about being catfished during the season finale, or will viewers have to wait until the tell-all special to hear the whole story?

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