‘Sister Wives’: Kody And Robyn Naming Baby After ‘Lonely’ Meri Brown In The Wake Of Her Catfishing Scandal? [Video]

Sister Wives fans, be prepared to be shocked. A recent report claims that Kody and Robyn Brown are thinking about naming their baby after Meri Brown. This news is surprising, because Meri hasn’t been the best sister wife lately — she hid an online affair from her family for months, and she even considered running away with her lover before she found out that she was being scammed by a woman posing as man.

Sister Wives fans were supposed to be focused on the adoption storyline and Robyn Brown’s pregnancy this season, but Meri Brown’s catfishing scandal has been distracting viewers for weeks. Meri will finally mention her online lover during tonight’s episode of Sister Wives, but be forewarned — you might have to wait for the November 22 Sister Wives tell-all special hosted by Tamron Hall to get the whole story.

Sister Wives fans don’t just want to listen to Meri Brown explain how she got tricked into falling in love with a prolific female catfish — they also want to hear the reactions of her “spiritual husband” and her fellow sister wives. As the International Business Times reports, one season finale promo shows Kody Brown expressing his concern that Meri is thinking about leaving the family for her online lover. Even though she and Kody legally divorced late last year, Meri remained with the family as one of the polygamist’s “spiritual wives.”

Some Sister Wives viewers might be predicting that Kody will immediately kick Meri to the curb for betraying him, but Hollywood Life claims that the Browns have forgiven Meri. In fact, Kody and Robyn Brown love Meri so much that they’re talking about naming their second child after her.

During tonight’s season finale of Sister Wives, Meri will reportedly tell her family that she started looking for love online because she’s been lonely. She only had one biological child with Kody, and Meri’s an empty nester now that her adult daughter is away at college. She has to share her husband with three other women and over a dozen children, and her sister wives are always busy with their own kids. Not that they would spend time with Meri, anyway — the wives have admitted that they don’t like spending time together without Kody. So, because the Browns understand why Meri was so thirsty for companionship, they were willing to forgive her.

“They’ve all vowed to make sure she never feels that way again, since she came clean the whole family has rallied around her to show their love,” a source revealed.

“There’s even been talk about naming the new baby girl after her. It would be a tribute to her, to let her know how important she still is.”

Robyn Brown and Kody Brown announced that they were having a baby girl during last week’s episode of Sister Wives. In the sneak peek below, a teary-eyed Meri talks about her loneliness.