The Best ‘Fallout 4’ Mods: Nudes, Unlimited Junk, And A Beautiful You

Fallout 4 is teeming with possibilities, quite literally, thanks especially to the Fallout 4 modding community who can make every Fallout 4 player’s dreams come true–via mods, of course.

Just days after Fallout 4 was released, countless of mods have already made their way to Fallout 4 players’ screens — enhancing gameplay and enhancing player features — because who would want to traverse the wasteland looking like the garbage that it is? Whatever your goal is in the wasteland, whether it is to create a fortress out of pure junk, be the baddest hunter on the loose, or be the prettiest of them all, we’ve go the mod for you.

First on our list is for the aspiring Fallout 4 master builders; those who will make bridges and create sky-scrappers. There are two things you will need to be able to create the castle of your dreams in Fallout 4. One, of course, is junk. Who would want to run out of raw junk material in the middle of creating their dream Fallout 4 fortress? Jobac over at Nexusmods has the answer to your problems.

Batch File all the junk by Jobac is a batch file that “adds 1000 pieces of each junk item for crafting or 1000 of each ammo type.” It’s easy to do, so you don’t waste much of your precious building time. Simply download, unzip, and put the.txt document in your Fallout 4 folder. When you’re in the game, open the console and type “bat mats” without the quotation marks and you’re good to go.

And of course, if you will be making a whole village, you will need to bypass Fallout 4’s set size object limit during build. Unlimited Settlement Objects by Spyder638 at Nexusmods has got you covered. It basically removes the object limit imposed by Fallout 4 during settlement building by freezing it and resetting it to zero. However, Spyder638 has put a warning to those who wish to try their hand at building huge fortresses in Fallout 4.

FOREWARNING: Yes! This mod removes the arbitrary limit set by Bethesda, but it’s not truly unlimited. The limit is your hardware and if you hit this limit you can expect to crash when you’re building. SAVE OFTEN, OR AT THE VERY LEAST, BEFORE BUILDING SESSIONS.

So if you’re planning on making something of a huge scale, better make sure your hardware is up to par. Or, you can always switch on the Ultra Low Graphics mod by Iyzik to accommodate your Fallout 4 dreams. See a completed Fallout 4 fortress project below using the Unlimited Settlement Objects mod, posted on imgur.

If you’re aiming for optimum god-like strength in Fallout 4, but simply don’t have the patience to level up, then StantonCree is your guy. Maxed. S.P.E.C.I.A.L.batby StantonCree is a.bat file that will let you max out your Fallout 4 S.P.E.C.I.A.L.s to leave you to do your more important Fallout 4 stuff, whatever those are. StantonCree has been very considerate and put a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the said Fallout 4 mod:

Take note: Run the.bat file after you’re finished talking to the vault-tek salesman!!!
1. Copy the file in your game’s main directory.
2. Press ~ on your keyboard to bring up the console.
3. Type in: “bat MaxSpecials” and press Enter. (without quotes)

No sweat, no pain, just all gain.

And for the beauty junkies out there, there are two visual mods you might want to check out for Fallout 4. For the women, are you frustrated with the ghoul-like appearance of your Fallout 4 character? Are you just aching to put on some bb cream and smoky eyeshadow on that dull face? Cedaie is your fairy godmother. The Gorgeous VAULT-GIRLby Cedaie mod lets you roam around the Fallout 4 wasteland looking like the goddess that you should be. A clean eyeliner, chic, smoky eyeshadow, rosy cheeks and plump limps — these are your best weapons against the dull and lifeless expanse of the Fallout 4 wasteland.

Those who want to walk around Fallout 4’s expansive map looking like Lady Godiva herself, Art-Of-The-Body, known for making numerous nude mods, has created the ultimate nude mod for Fallout 4. Shake that booty while fighting off the Radroaches or seduce the man of your dreams with Art-Of-The-Body’s Fallout 4 nude mod. The images are NSFW, of course, so if you want to check it out for yourself, head over to his Deviant Art page to download.

So far, what are your favorite Fallout 4 mods and which ones are you itching to try?

[Images via Bethesda and Cedaie]