Zayn Malik, Perrie Edwards Finally In Touch & Healing After Break Up

For fans that love the idea of Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards being in love, there is chance that the two are at least friends after a bumpy break up. On the other hand, things may have soured between Zayn Malik and One Direction due to Zayn’s lack of reaction to their release of Made In The A.M.

Digital Spy claimed on November 13, that Zayn Malik has not given a shout out to One Direction after the release of their new album, Made In The A.M. Is Zayn Malik feeling bitter about the fact that things are really over between him and One Direction?

On November 14, Teen Vogue reported about Zayn Malik’s whereabouts the night that One Direction released their album, their first without him, and stated, “He’s spent the last week in New York City, posing with adoring fans, taking moody black and white selfies, and presumably buying numerous copies of Justin Bieber’s new album.”

Adding to this, the Daily Mail also claimed that Zayn Malik was in New York City being mobbed by adoring fans the night that One Direction released Made In The A.M. and report the following.

“Despite going solo to make ‘real music,’ it seemed like the [Zayn Malik] still held his appeal with the young, pre-teen fanbase. He seemed pretty confident within himself…”

Alternatively, Zayn Malik might also be feeling “pretty confident within himself” about Perrie Edwards. Now Magazine reported on November 14, that, according to insiders, Perrie Edwards has been texting Zayn Malik.

Furthermore, the insiders say “[Perrie Edwards] sends him little jokey comments about how many guys are asking her out on dates and is clearly trying to spark some jealousy in him. But [Zayn Malik] does take the bait and wants to know who she’s interested in.”

This should not be a surprise to Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards fans that have been following their break up, and possible makeup.

Around October 18, there was rumor floating around that Zayn Malik may still love Perrie Edwards and the Mirror reported, “Zayn Malik has started messaging Perrie again saying he misses and still loves her. Although Perrie is trying to be strong and move on, it’s obvious to everyone around her she’s still in love with Zayn.”

In spite of this, around the end of October, Zayn Malik was allegedly dating a “Perrie Edwards look-alike” named Wallis Day, according to Hollywood Life.

As if she didn’t care whether or not Zayn Malik was dating anyone, it was around November 4, that Perrie Edwards talked to E! News about her “love life after Zayn Malik.” At this time, it was also insinuated that Perrie Edwards had replaced Zayn Malik with the Tindr app.

Further dispelling the idea that she is back together with Zayn Malik, around November 6, Perrie Edwards denied that Little Mix’s newest song, “Hair” was about Zayn Malik. This remark raised eyebrows among Zayn Malik fans that speculated otherwise, according to J-14.

Is Zayn Malik doing well without Perrie Edwards? On November 7, the Mirror claimed that Perrie Edwards was doing great while Zayn Malik was posting pics of himself on Instagram smoking a “mysterious cigarette” and looking sad.

Unfortunately, it looks like Zayn Malik’s mood did not improve on social media, and on November 14, Hollywood Life wrote that Zayn Malik was still looking blue.

One thing that the media may be ruling out is the fact that Zayn Malik may be sad — but not because he is no longer a part of One Direction, or no longer with Perrie Edwards. Instead, Zayn Malik could be sad because he is still paying One Direction taxes. The Guardian stated on November 12, that One Direction has paid more taxes than Facebook.

“Albums, gig tickets and merchandise helped sales soar to £73.7m as company made up of boyband’s original five members paid £8.24m in U.K. tax.”

[Picture by Joseph Okpako/Stringer/Getty Images]