Ground Bubbles And Ripples Like Waterbed In Strange “Turf Blister” Video

Portland, Oregon natives discovered a strange turf phenomenon and luckily for us, they got video of it. Meet the “turf blister”, AKA, the single weirdest thing you will see all day.

You might want to scroll down and watch the video for yourself before you read any further.

Back? Okay good. Let’s start with the obvious. What the heck is that? According to YouTube user UrbanGardenSupplyPDX, the original poster of the video, “Found this out behind our store during a customer appreciation party with live music. Portland, Oregon,” and that’s all we get from them. They don’t know what it is either. Did they pop it? “It popped. No video that I know of. Sorry,” posted the same user on Reddit.

So what was it? MSN said that, “apparently it’s what occurs when water builds up beneath grass turf,” which sounds like a pretty good educated guess. CBS simply fielded comments and responses, asking any of their readers to provide some kind of explanation that would make sense. One commenter, posting under the name “panacam”, wrote what at least sounds like the best explanation for what we’re looking at here:

“Depending on where exactly this is, often times, landscapers will lay down plastic sheet on bad soil then plant sod on good soil laid on the plastic. If this is the case, a water line may have broke and now you have water under the plastic liner, hence the bubble. If it’s not liquid, natural gas could also be a cause. The safe bet is though, there is a plastic liner under the sod and whatever is under the liner has caused the bubble.”

Works for me. Here’s the video. Crazy, right?