‘Vanderpump Rules’ Spoilers: Lala Kent Can’t Get Along With The Other Girls

Lala Kent made her Vanderpump Rules debut last week, and now viewers can’t wait to get to know her better. It turns out that Lala is going to have a bit of trouble getting along with the girls on the show this season. SUR is a hard place to fit in and Lala is going to have to try hard to do it. Radar Online shared a new preview where Lala speaks out to Jax Taylor, letting him know how hard the girls are being on her. Instead of being rude back to the girls, Lala decides to just hang out with the guys.

Jax Taylor will actually ask Lala Kent how things are going for her and of course she doesn’t hold anything back. Lala explains to him that the girls have not been making things easy.

“I totally feel like I’m in junior high school. Like who you should be friends with and who you shouldn’t be friends with. Like what is this? Are we recruiting for dodgeball in sixth grade?”

Jax Taylor will explain to her that she should probably get used to it because that is how things are around there. Here is what Jax had to say to Lala.

“Well, welcome to SUR. That’s exactly what it is. This is a very cliquey, cliquey, super cliquey restaurant. This place is not an easy place to work. We should have a plaque of the girls that came in here and gone because they couldn’t hack it because these girls are such bullies. We’ve had girls—and I’m not stretching the truth at all—who were so excited to work here, last two or three hours and cry and run.”

Lala Kent is used to getting along with the girls though, and she will find a way to make it work. It is going to be hard at first, but Lala is determined to make it work. Lala shares that Katie and Scheana are the ones that aren’t wanting to make friends with her, but hopefully she can turn it all around.


Reality Tea is sharing that Katie Maloney says that she doesn’t trust Lala Kent. Katie is actually loving Faith Stowers already, but she doesn’t feel the same way about Lala Kent. Katie shared about her thoughts on her.

“I only briefly met Lala before going for drinks a Surly Goat with the crew. She is also from Utah so I thought we would have plenty in common. However she had a bit of a stand-offish demeanor and didn’t seem to care about fitting in or making friends off the bat. I can be guarded with people at first because I have a pretty strong intuition and something told me to hang back and take my time with Lala.”

On Lala Kent’s very first episode of Vanderpump Rules, it was revealed that she had lied about a trip to Italy. Lala said that it was for a modeling job, but then later shared that she was going on a free trip for pleasure, but didn’t reveal how she got that trip. Lala may have not made a good first impression on the girls, but the men of SUR don’t seem to mind her. These girls are a hard crowd to win over, but once you do, life at SUR will be a lot easier, so hopefully Lala Kent figures this one out soon.

A recent tweet that Lala Kent shared makes it look like she is getting along with Scheana better already.

Don’t miss new episodes of Vanderpump Rules on Monday nights on Bravo. This week will be a great chance to get to know Lala better and find out if she can find a way to win any of the girls over yet. It may take Kent all season to get in good with these girls.

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