Jessica Jung Wishes Kris Wu A Happy Birthday -- Former K-Pop Idols Of SM Entertainment Continue To Support Each Other After Exile

Jan Omega

Back in 1995, SM Entertainment, one of the K-pop industry's most well-known labels, was founded. Having humble beginnings with original Korean idol groups, such as H.O.T., S.E.S., Fly to the Sky, and Shinhwa, they since have grown into a giant in the industry with K-pop acts like BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, f(x), and Red Velvet. Their two biggest acts today, however, are easily Girls' Generation and EXO. For the former, they released their latest album, Lion Heart, earlier this year. Thanks to hit songs like "PARTY," "Lion Heart," and "You Think," it was successful. For EXO, three of its members -- Baekhyun, Sehun, and Kai -- were ambassadors for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Therefore, they performed a song that was a touted collaboration between K-pop and the Star Wars saga titled, "Lightsaber." Needless to say, the collaboration strengthened the relationship between SM Entertainment and Disney.

Though the aforementioned K-pop groups are considered to be on top in SM Entertainment, they have both gone through dark times recently through the removal of cornerstone members. Back in 2014, Girls' Generation parted from its "first member" Jessica Jung, while EXO parted from its leader, Kris Wu. Eventually, both would be "exiled" from SM Entertainment, too. Apparently, Jessica and Kris are now supporting each other as much as they can. Their most recent display of solidarity came when Jessica publicly wished Kris a happy birthday.

Both Jessica Jung and Kris Wu were removed from their respective groups and left SM Entertainment, albeit in different ways. Jessica was technically forced out of Girls' Generation by the other members. Reportedly, Jessica wanted to leave Girls' Generation but in ceremonious fashion once her contract was up for an entrepreneurial pursuit. However, Jessica's absences from Girls' Generation responsibilities made the the other eight members force her out. Kris, on the other hand, left EXO on even more negative terms by filing a lawsuit against SM Entertainment for nullification of his exclusive contract.

This "exile" from SM Entertainment has created a kinship between Jessica Jung and Kris Wu in which they now support each other on their professional endeavors, as reported by KpopStarz. For Kris, his most recent endeavor is his new single titled, "Bad Girl." He celebrated its release on November 6, which in turn made it a birthday gift to himself since he officially turned 25 on that day. Jessica responded to Kris' new song by congratulating him on Weibo. She also wished Kris a happy birthday, too.

Both Jessica Jung and Kris Wu have been busy with life after Girls' Generation and EXO, respectively. Jessica has officially achieved her entrepreneurial pursuit in the fashion industry when she launched her own brand, Blanc & Eclare, which recently released their 2015 winter collection. Also, Jessica was seen in Beijing filming for a new movie titled, Love Parcel. Kris, along with the release of his new song on his birthday, was also cast in a starring role for upcoming 3D film, L.O.R.D.: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties.

It should also be noted both Jessica Jung and Kris Wu are at times seen together for professional support, too. For example, both stars were sitting next to each other at the Sohu Fashion Awards last December.

[Photo by Moses Ng/Getty Images]