‘Sister Wives’ News: Why Is The Family Forgiving Meri Brown For Online Scandal?

This week on Sister Wives, a lot will be revealed about Meri Brown and her catfishing scandal. The Brown family is standing by her side through it all. Meri was actually talking to someone she thought was a man, but turned out to be a woman totally playing her. Meri was getting to know this person a lot better and it sounds like things went too far. Hollywood Life is now sharing that the Brown family is standing by her and a source is revealing why Meri’s family isn’t turning their back on her during this time.

Meri will be admitting on the season finale Sunday, November 15, that she had an online affair with someone. An insider is now sharing that the Brown family is sticking by her side.

“The family forgives Meri completely, they’re not blaming her for it at all. They understand why she got caught up in it – she was feeling lonely and neglected. They’ve all vowed to make sure she never feels that way again, since she came clean the whole family has rallied around her to show their love.”

Meri Brown is the first wife of Kody Brown, but they only have one child together. Now that her daughter has moved out and isn’t even living nearby, Meri is alone in her house except for when she has the other kids over, or it is her night to have Kody all to herself. This has to make things hard and her daughter moving out had to cause her a big adjustment period.

Meri recently made a huge sacrifice for Robyn by divorcing Kody so that he could adopt Robyn’s three kids from a previous marriage. Now there is talk that Robyn might even decide to name her new daughter after Meri. That would obviously be a way to make her feel like she is still part of the family. A source shared all with Hollywood Life.

“There’s been talk about naming the new baby girl after her. It would be a tribute to her, to let her know how important she still is. Meri would love it if they name the baby after her, it would show her that they’ve truly forgiven her and maybe then she’d be able to forgive herself.”

Entertainment Weekly shared that Sunday night will be a two-hour special with the Brown family. There will be an episode and then the Brown’s will sit down for an interview once again. This will be the perfect time for them to talk about the catfish scandal and when Meri will let the viewers know her side of the story. Meri will be asked if she has told them everything about what happened. They won’t be holding anything back on this special.

In the preview, Meri sits down to answer questions. Robyn, Kody, and Janelle are also there, but for some reason, Christine is not present for this interview. Fans are hoping that this doesn’t mean that she is not okay with the situation or is avoiding talking about it for some reason. Hopefully the entire Brown family is behind Meri during this hard time.

Meri Brown already shared that her family was very concerned for her safety after all of this came out. So far, Meri Brown only gave a small statement and the episode that airs on November 15 will be the first time that she is really revealing what happened with the woman named Jackie Overton, who pretended to be a man named “Sam Cooper.” This is an episode that you do not want to miss on TLC. This will be the season finale of Sister Wives, and so far another season has not been confirmed.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]