Gwen Stefani Blaming Herself For Gavin Rossdale’s Affair

Now that it has been revealed that Gavin Rossdale allegedly cheated on Gwen Stefani with the nanny, a lot of information about his scandal is coming out. Now In Touch Weekly is sharing that Gwen is actually blaming herself for everything that happened and feels like it was her fault that he cheated on her. They were married for 13 years before their entire relationship fell apart. Gwen is moving on and dating Blake Shelton now, but that doesn’t mean she is totally over what happened with her husband. Gwen and Gavin have three children together and moving on isn’t easy.

An insider has spoken out about how Gwen Stefani is feeling during this hard time.

“At first, Gwen blamed herself when she found out about Gavin and Mindy. She was full of regret that she somehow caused Gavin to have a wandering eye, that she could have somehow prevented the affair, that she never ever should have hired someone so young and cute.”

Us Weekly Magazine shared this week that Gavin Rossdale allegedly cheated on Gwen Stefani for years with their nanny. At this time, Rossdale won’t speak out about the allegations, but reports are that he slept with their nanny, Mindy Mann, for three years while he was married to Gwen. This would even include the time that Gwen was pregnant with their youngest son. Gwen found an iPad that was linked to Gavin’s phone and was able to find all kinds of evidence on it. This was a family iPad that one of the other nannies found and then told Gwen about so she would know. After this, Gwen fired Mindy Mann.

The insider went on to share that Gwen was shocked by the news. It did make her relationship fall apart with Gavin, but it sounds like she had no idea that this was going on behind her back. Gwen didn’t even realize that he had been cheating and then to find out that it had been going on for three years had to be hard to take. The source revealed a bit more about how Gwen felt at that time.

“These thoughts tormented her for a long time. The could have, would have, should haves nearly destroyed her.”

Gwen Stefani has moved on with Blake Shelton and has started dating him. These two seem to be doing great after they both had a very public divorce within the last year. They met while on The Voice together, and what started out as friendship has now turned to love for the couple. So far, they are not showing that they are more than friends on the show. Gwen’s rep did confirm that they were dating, but Blake and Gwen have both stayed quiet about it. They were spotted holding hands right after the news broke they were more than friends. It has been rumored that they wrote a song together, but Gwen and Blake haven’t shared if this is true or released anything yet.

Miranda Lambert hasn’t shared that she is dating anyone yet and neither has Gavin Rossdale. Right now Gavin is still wearing his wedding ring when he goes out and about, but it doesn’t look like there is any chance that Gwen will take him back in the future. Cheating doesn’t seem to be something she will ever forgive.

Are you surprised to hear that Gwen Stefani felt like Gavin Rossdale cheating on her was her fault? Do you think that she will end up staying with Blake for a while? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and don’t miss watching Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton together on The Voice on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights on NBC.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]