Facebook France Flag With Blue, White, And Red Colors Breaks: 479,000+ Likes On Facebook App Showing Paris Support

If you’ve been on Facebook anytime after the horrific Paris attacks, you’ve likely seen plenty of Facebook users standing in solidarity with Paris by adding an overlay of the French flag on their profile pictures. The blue, white, and red colors of the French flag have been overlaid on the photos of some Facebook users who are showing their support for those grieving in Paris.

On Facebook, the social networking giant comments on how their Facebook flag profile photo overlay represents a supportive move for Facebook users to undertake to show their support against the evils of terrorism.

We stand together. #JeSuisParis – Change your profile picture to support France and the people of Paris.

Some users are reporting having problems with trying to change their Facebook profile photos to the overlay of the French flag, and Facebook has been commenting to users who click the “try it” button and aren’t getting the blue, white, and red colors of the French flag overlay.

“We’re sorry that you’re having trouble, Jennifer. We understand that this is an issue some of you are experiencing and our team is hard at work to resolve any problems. Thanks for your patience. -Ovidio”

Not only are folks on Facebook using the French flag colors to support Parisians in the wake of the Paris attacks, various buildings and monuments around the world have also adopted France’s flag colors, reports the Wall Street Journal‎.

As reported by Time, Facebook users began visiting the Facebook page that allowed the French flag colors to be seen on their profile in order to activate the filter. However, at some point during the Facebook post gaining more than 479,000 likes, that “Try it” button began giving certain Facebook users problems when they tried to enact the blue, white, and red colors of the national flag of France.

When it’s working, the Facebook French flag overlay option allows Facebook users the choice to set a date when they want the colors of the French flag to expire on their Facebook profile photos.

The Facebook French flag photo overlay isn’t without controversy. As reported by the Inquisitr, all across social media, people are beginning to compare the Kenya attacks that left 147 people dead with the Paris attacks, and asking Facebook why the social media site didn’t offer an overlay of the Kenyan flag during the time of that tragedy. On Twitter, news about the Kenya attacks is being retweeted, causing some people to get confused. Certain folks began to think that the Kenya attacks happened directly after the Paris attacks, while others realized that the 147 people killed in the Garissa University College attack in Kenya back on April 2 wasn’t a new occurrence. As reported by CNN, the Kenya university attack resulted in not only 147 people killed, but 79 people injured as well.

Although the Eiffel Tower has been closed in the wake of the Paris attacks, other monuments are lit up in the French flag’s colors, reports KTLA. Well-known structures such as the One World Trade Center in New York were lit in the blue, white, and red colors of France’s flag.

A Facebook event was also created to encourage people to turn off their lights for a set time of 30 minutes on Saturday night to show support for Paris.

“After the 13 November attacks, the city of Paris has gone ‘lights out’ for the first time since WWII. Please turn out your outdoor lights, whether you’re a business or a residence.”

[Image via Facebook]