Science Says Flowers WILL Make Her Love You! [Study]

Yup, I put this here on purpose.

Flowers may seem a little bit old fashioned when it comes to courting an independent 21st century lady, but new science supports the old ways. A new study has found that a boy has a better chance winning a girl’s heart if he’s carrying a bouquet.

Though men usually only buy flowers on Valentine’s Day or when they’re in trouble, new research is suggesting that they ought to find more reasons to buy a bouquet, as the presence of flowers makes women much more receptive to the advances of men. What’s more? The very presence of flowers does the same thing as presenting them as gifts. Meaning you could save money by picking up girls in front of a window-shop florist.

I know it seems like I’m kidding, so here’s the science: Psychologists in France conducted the study, requiring five attractive young men to approach 600 women on the street. Each man introduced himself, complimented her looks, and then asked for her phone number so they could meet up later for drinks. The results showed that men were much more likely to get a woman’s number when their conversation occurred in front of a florist’s. The numbers are staggering. Asking for a woman’s digits in front of a florist had a one-in-four rate of success. The psychologists did their diligence too – men attempting the same thing in front of a shoe shop only had a one-in-ten rate of success, and men in front of a cake shop had a one-in-seven success rate.

“Flowers reflect our emotions and moods. They often convey feelings of compassion, regret, merriment or even romance. The results confirm the effect of exposure to flowers on receptivity to romantic request,” said one researcher.

But why?

According to Dr. Tom Buchanan, an expert in psychology at the University of Westminster, just seeing something associated with romance makes people more receptive to it. That’s why standing in front of a flower shop does the same trick as holding them in one’s hands. “These findings are consistent with the phenomenon known as automatic or behavioural priming. That is where ‘cues’ – or triggers – in your environment can lead you to behave in ways that are consistent with that environment. So the presence of the flower shop, which is associated with romance, could have primed people to behave in a way that is more receptive to the researcher’s advances,” said Dr Buchanan.

So, men, are you going to try this? Women, do you think this would work or are you shaking your heads at me?