‘I Can’t Go Home To What I Have’: Wife Divorces Husband Of Eight Years After ‘Failing In Love’ With Country Music Star

A mother-of-two filed filed for a divorce from her husband of eight years after “falling in love” with country music star Kip Moore. The delusional woman named Jenna says that it was “love at first sight” when she met Moore backstage during a concert meet-and-greet. Jenna says that she knows she is “destined” to be with Kip and that she couldn’t go back home to what she had knowing there was that type of love in the world. Therefore, the wife sent a text message to her husband following the concert meet-and-greet, letting him know that she was “100 percent” in love with Kip and wanted a divorce.

According to the Daily Mail, Jenna appeared on the Dr. Phil show alongside her husband of eight years, Travis. The woman claims that she instantly fell in love with country music star Kip Moore at a concert during a meet-in-greet and knows that the pair are destined to get married. Therefore, she decided to take the proactive steps of divorcing her husband Travis so that she could marry her dream man instead. However, Travis says that Jenna is delusional and ruining their family over a celebrity crush.

Jenna says the she instantly “connected” with country music singer Kip Moore during a meet-and-greet. In fact, the woman says she is so “in love” with Moore that she wants to divorce her husband of eight years, Travis. Jenna says that following the second concert of Kip Moore’s that she sent a text message to her husband Travis informing him that she wanted a divorce and was in love with Kip. She says that her husband didn’t take the news well and that he threatened to take the children so she filed for a protective order against her husband.

After obtaining the protective order, Jenna proceeded to sell her husband’s things in a garage sale and says that she wants the divorce so that she can marry Kip instead and have his “surfer babies.”

“I am destined to be with Kip Moore. I can’t help but feel that I come off as just another crazy fan. If Kip would be willing, I will marry him, and run off to Hawaii and I’ll have his surfer babies.”

Though Jenna seems convinced she is supposed to be with Kip Moore, the country singer isn’t responding to her numerous attempts to connect. In fact, the wife and mother says that she sent a 12-page letter, front and back, to the country music singer and never received a response back. When the traditional method didn’t work, her husband says she spent their mortgage money on Kip Moore tickets to be closer to the singer. She also sent a pizza to the singer with a love note inside.

Jenna’s obsession is showing no signs of stopping and her husband says that Jenna is “so delusional” that she really believes that there is a chance for her to “sail off into the sunset with Kip Moore.” He says he was shocked by his wife’s statements and said that he doesn’t think his wife has a chance to be with Kip Moore. Travis says that things got worse when Jenna filed for divorce and took out a protective order against him.

However, Jenna says that her husband doesn’t love her and is abusive. She says that she received a punctured lung from the incident, but Travis says that the mother was trying to drive drunk with his children and an altercation resulted. He says that Jenna fell and tripped due to the long dress she was wearing when he tried to keep her from driving the children. Jenna told Dr. Phil that she was not drunk, but Dr. Phil says the police report noted that both Travis and Jenna were drunk at the time of the altercation.

Therefore, Jenna says that she doesn’t want to be with her husband. She says that Kip Moore made her feel special by looking at her in the eyes while he was singing at the concert.

As the episode continues, things seem to go downhill for the couple as Jenna says Travis is abusive and Travis says that Jenna tried to smother him on numerous occasions. Watch the Dr. Phil episode and let us know what you think about Jenna’s obsession with Kip Moore and the relationship with her husband?

[Image via Youtube/ Phil McGraw]