Paris Train Crash: 10 Killed In High-Speed Train Crash On Paris-Strasbourg Line [Video]

The tragic news coming out of Paris continues with news of a new train crash. A high-speed train derailed and crashed near Strasbourg, as reported by BBC News‎. The train crash happened on the Paris-to-Strasbourg line, outside of Paris. The TGV train was on a test run when it derailed and crashed due to what French officials have said was excessive speed. The Paris-area train crash comes directly on the heels of the tragic Paris attacks that left more than 100 people dead, and hundreds injured.

The train crash near Paris after the high-speed TGV train went off the rails in the city of Strasbourg left at least 10 people dead. The actual site of the train crash occurred within the town of Eckwersheim. The test run of the train on the Paris-Strasbourg line found at least 49 souls on-board when the train derailed and caught afire. The train ultimately landed in a canal.

Those hurt in the train crash outside of Paris were lifted by air to the hospital. Video from the Guardian, as seen above, shows the aftermath of the train crash outside of Paris, with emergency vehicles racing to the scene.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the photos and videos shot after the train crash show the wreckage of the train as it is partially under water in the canal. The results of the train crash on the Paris-Strasbourg high-speed line also found wreckage from the train scattered about a nearby field. The high-speed train line scheduled to open next year, in 2016, and the tragic train crash is distressing to hear about on the heels of the tragic Paris shooting and bombing attacks.

Aerial footage of the aftermath of the French train crash shows just how serious the crash was after the train skipped the tracks and plunged into the canal.

According to RT, more than 30 people were hurt in the train crash, with at least 10 people killed from the derailment. The derailment occurred in the afternoon hours on Saturday in Eckwersheim. French officials have reported that 12 of those injured from the train crash are in serious condition. The fact that the train derailment happened on a bridge is the reason the train cars plunged into the Marne-Rhine canal beneath.

The location of the train derailment was the Bas-Rhin department of Alsace, outside of Paris in the northeastern portion of France. With approximately 50 people on-board the derailed train, all of those persons worked for the SNCF national railways on the rail’s first train run on that line. Photos from the wreckage show smoke wafting from the crashed train carriages.

More horrific photos from the train crash show how far submerged some of the train cars are beneath the water, leaving fears of drownings. The train literally split apart as it derailed and later caught on fire as it went off the bridge and onto the land and water below.

The crash of the train on its test run took place near the German border.

[AP Photo/Jean-Francois Badias]