WWE News: Young Bucks Only Signed To Ring Of Honor For One Year, WWE Run Coming?

The Young Bucks might be the most popular tag team in the world today among wrestling fans. They have been wrestling for quite some time now, but since 2011 they have starting to climb up the ranks to become the must have tag team in the world. When they come in, business picks up. So it should be no surprise that they were booked all over the place.

The Young Bucks are a great tag team, obviously, but many were worried about them overdoing it by working so many places. This is why a lot of people pushed Ring of Honor into signing them to an exclusive deal. However, according to The Wrestling Observer, their deal with ROH is only for one year, and they will be allowed to work with New Japan Pro-Wrestling a bit while under the deal.

According to Daily Wrestling News, TNA is actually very interested in the brothers and they are looking to bring them back. The Young Bucks soured on TNA when they were last there as Generation-Me in 2011. When they left, their careers were much better off than when they were with TNA. It is thought that the Bucks would still listen to the offer TNA had on the table for them, but they would most likely not take it as NJPW has paid them well and given them security, as has ROH.

TNA is trying to sign a lot of big names in attempts to draw people in, but on top of that, they want to bring them in to help get a new television deal on a better network. Their partnership with Destination America is not quite working out. They have attempted to go after both Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio to no success. TNA is offering a good amount for people to come in. They were willing to give Alberto Del Rio $300,000 a year, which is not that bad for someone at his level. WWE just offered triple that, so he took the higher bid.

Meanwhile, the Young Bucks are stars, but they’re tag team stars. Meaning they will not sell for you as major singles stars like Matt and Jeff Hardy, whom they are compared to quite often.

The Young Bucks signed a deal with Ring of Honor that allows them to work with NJPW, which only keeps them in the limelight more. They will remain with ROH, and be at every major show to help them out. This will also reduce their schedule, but still pay them well enough to stay put.

The brothers have teased a WWE run numerous times over the years but have yet to take the option. WWE is said to be interested in bringing them in, and will most likely have them set up for their NXT bran, then work to get them on the main roster as soon as possible. A name change would not be out of the norm for them; however, they did allow Samoa Joe to keep his name.

The Bucks are not spring chickens anymore. They are 26 and 30 respectively. They clearly have time to be a major part of WWE if they come in within the next few years. However, if they wait a while, there is a risk that they could lose out on their window to work with WWE at a major level. The Independent world will always be there for them, and they clearly will remain booked in a major way. Meanwhile, the WWE world is one you can only exist in for so long. WWE wants them, but they have to want WWE.

They have spoken about it in the past, and mentioned that they may not enjoy the lifestyle of working for WWE, which could be a factor in them never going. You have to be okay with the chaotic travel schedule the talent has to put up with. If you cannot, this simply is not for you. However, they have worked a WWE schedule the last few years, seemingly, as they have wrestled all over the place. That said, it seems that they can work a rough schedule, so this means you could see them make the WWE jump in the future.

As long as there is interest in WWE by the Young Bucks, and interest from the company, you’ll see them there. However, you’ll have to wait at least a year to know for sure.

[Image via Tabercil Photography/CC BY-SA 3.0]