War Likely To Occur In Wake Of France Attack

The France attack will go down as one of the most shocking scenes in history. The ramifications from it will have a long-lasting effect in the way we all live our lives. As we begin to mourn the lives of several citizens who were victims of the France attack, we must ask ourselves a tough question.

After the war with the Islamic State group that has taken responsibility for the France attack commence, will the attack on humanity ever cease?

The scenes that took place in Paris, France, the sites of the France attacks are horrifying.

As the Associated Press has reported, there were at least 127 casualties in a series of attacks that happened simultaneously in seven Paris locations. A subtle call for war is the result after the most heinous attack on France soil – also, one of the worst attacks the world has ever known. The terroristic crimes will never be forgotten, nor forgiven and will certainly begat a response that will have more bloodshed with innocent people living amongst the attackers dying as well.

Gun attacks in Paris cafes terrified locals and tourists. In Paris, those were enjoying their meals accompanied with their coffees and teas, along with other beverages had to hide in fear of being executed. These were people who were going about their regular lives. No one ever saw what were to take place coming.

Ahsan Naeem, a French resident of over seven years spoke to the Associated Press about his normal routine of visiting the places in the area of the attack.

“These places are the places we visit every week. Streets we walk every day. I’ve seen dozens of gigs at the Bataclan. Eaten at the Petit Cambodge. Sat outside Le Carillon on so many nights.”

In a concert hall, a United States band was performing on stage when a group of armed people took hostages. They left many casualties at their hands. Instead of enjoying a good show, people were just hoping to make it out safely where they can contact their loved ones.

There was a soccer match between France and Germany taking place nearby. French President Francios Hollande was in attendance when a series of suicide bombers unceremoniously took the stadium under siege. President Hollande was escorted to safety and afterwards declared that the aftermath of the France attack leaves the country (courtesy of CNBC) in a “state of emergency”. While calling for the French borders to be shut down, President Hollande vowed that harsh punishments would take place.

Eight attackers were slain, but that is not satisfactory to President Hollande. He wants everyone involved with the attack on humanity, including the attackers who are still at large, those who participated in the planning of the France attack, as well as those who funded it all brought to justice. He suggested that he will be “merciless” in his pursuit of the France attackers.

How will this end?

Sadly, it will most likely end in war.

According to CNN, ISIS has claimed responsibility for the France attack. CNN has also reported that a number of arrests have been made in Belguim. The French authorities will begin questioning those who they believe had a role in Paris’ attack on humanity. This will take place before war ensues. War is the harsh reality as the reaction from the France attack.

Nobody wins in war.

It does not matter who is involved, the price to pay due to war is astonishing.

Casualties, those who are innocent and those who are not, will rise to dramatic levels. The attack on humanity in Paris puts the violence in a place where civilians primarily frequent. The cafes which were attacked, the concert hall and stadium that became under siege, were not places where militants travel. These were areas where people would visit to enjoy themselves. Why most attacks happen where innocent people and civilians go for leisure is uncertain. Perhaps these events, much like the France attack are invitations for war.

It is a sad place to be. Attacks on the innocent, such as the France attacks are sickening. This is no such way to conduct your life. Despite what the differences may be, religious, cultural or financial, neither should ever be a reason for war.

According to USA Today, Muslims across the world has strongly condemned the France attack. Those who prefer chaos over harmony are a minority. The majority of the world understand that we all have a strong quality inside us.

The most powerful quality one has in their life is the right to feel the way that they choose, to believe in what they want and to have the freedoms to be themselves. That is what makes us strong, not fear and never the ability to war.

As the aftermath of the France attack continue to produce more casualties, what is this truly about? If it is about pleasing a higher power, how can that higher power be satisfied with the carnage created from misguided hatred? Instead of having those to serve faithfully and peacefully, breathing casualties serve violently, attacking the greatest gift that any higher power we so believe in has given us.

It is our humanity that does not call for war. It is hatred, misconceptions and misinformation that will continue to lead into a startling demise.

The France attack will end in war. As we continue to gather ourselves after the attack on humanity remember, nobody wins in war.

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images News]