Ariel Winter Hits Back Against Instagram Bullies After Backlash For Bikini Pic

Modern Family star Ariel Winter is slamming Instagram bullies after a bikini photo she posted received some major backlash. Winter decided to post a photo of herself in a bikini, to show off a day of fun with her nieces.

However, the photo was met with huge backlash with some people commenting how the actress was “asking for it” by posting the photo. Winter, who’s no stranger in taking down bullies on social media, took to Instagram to address her haters.

To address the vultures of Instagram, Winter posted a meme of a woman’s leg showing off different skirt lengths. On the woman’s leg were markers with phrases. The higher the markers were on her leg, the more vile the words became. She captioned the photo with the following message.

“Who knew that an innocent photo with my nieces would turn into this? The height of a girl’s skirt or whatever she is wearing for that matter, does not imply what she is asking for. It sickens me to think at 17 years old, a photo of myself with my nieces is suggesting that I’m ‘asking for it.’”

The following is the original photo that received the backlash.

This isn’t the first time Winter stood up to her bullies. When she decided to have elective surgery for a breast reduction, Winter said she had to endure years of being bullied in her personal life and her private life for her inability to dress how she wanted. On the red carpet she was ridiculed for showing too much cleavage and for being sexualized because of her bust size.

At the time, she told Teen Vogue about her decision.

“I mainly did it for myself. Yes, I had many comments, and it bothered me that that was kind of what I was known for. And that was kind of what people were commenting on my photos. That bothered me, but it wasn’t the main reason I did it.”

She continued, “There’s so much in the media [telling people] you have to look a certain way. People feel so pressured that if they don’t look this way they’re not going to be beautiful.”

After the surgery, the actress stated that she received support from her Modern Family co-stars, including Sofia Vergara, who called her “amazing.” She then went on to say that the actress knows how to dress her body type and Vergara also gives her tips on how to dress for her shape.

What do you think about Winter’s bullies? Was their reaction to her photo inappropriate?

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]