Ian Somerhalder And Paul Wesley Test Their Relationship, Plus ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Stars Dish On Nina Dobrev’s Return

As the seventh season of The Vampire Diaries continues to unfold, Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) are set to test the strength of their relationship in the coming episode, titled “Best Served Cold.” According to Buddy TV, the brothers’ main point of contention will center on how to deal with their mother’s lover, Julian.

Although dealing with these types of situations is nothing new for Stefan and Damon, Wesley revealed that the tables will be turned when they disagree with how to deal with Lily and Julian. Specifically, fans can expect to see a little role reversal as the brothers argue on what to do.

“Usually it’s Damon being irrational and Stefan being rational and it’s the opposite,” Wesley told the outlet.

Apparently, the reason Stefan is being uncharacteristically rash is because of his past history with Julian, and the fact that he still has a score to settle.

“Stefan is very aggressive about it because of his history with Julian and everything he knows of him and has an enormous vendetta against him,” Wesley explained. “He wants to immediately take him out and Damon’s a little bit more the political one.”

In contrast to Stefan’s desire to put an end to Julian, Damon wants to approach the situation a little differently. In fact, as Somerhalder went on to state, Damon’s plans are far more sadistic for both Julian and Lily.

“Damon’s sadistic mind wants to draw it out,” Somerhalder said. “Damon wants her to find that passion again for this man. He wants her to experience true love again and then once she’s settled and happy and content… when she’s at the peak of happiness in six months and thinks everything’s okay then Damon wants to swoop in and hand deliver his heart to her and literally just crush her.”

This latest development in the relationship between Stefan and Damon comes as the actors celebrate their seventh year on the show. Naturally, this has led to a close relationship off-screen that includes the two getting to know each other in unique ways.

In fact, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley recently sat down with E! Online and answered a few tough questions about each other. This included plenty of impressions of each other, revelations about favorite snack foods, and guilty pleasures.

Meanwhile, with the seventh season of The Vampire Diaries now fully underway, this marks the first time the show has forged ahead without the presence of Nina Dobrev, who left the show following the Season 6 finale. With that in mind, is it possible fans may get the chance to see Dobrev reprise her role this season?

According to the Franchise Herald, both Somerhalder and Wesley recently hinted that she may return at some point in the near future. “Elena’s still a very big part of the story,” Wesley told TV Insider. “Her body’s in danger in the first few episodes, and Damon is doing everything he can to make sure it stays safe if and when she wakes up.”

At the same time, Somerhalder pointed out that Dobrev’s character wasn’t killed off, which definitely opens the door for a possible return. “She’s still there, dude,” Dobrev’s ex-boyfriend explained to MTV. “She’s in a casket; she’s having a nap.”

That being said, Dobrev’s recent comments put a slight damper on the idea that she will be returning to show. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Dobrev revealed that her time on the show really is over.

“That chapter is closed, sadly — bittersweet,” she stated. “I can’t wait to see what the new season will look like. I’ll be watching. I’m very excited for my friends.”

The Vampire Diaries continues Thursday nights on The CW.

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