‘Scream Queens’ Star Keke Palmer Reveals If Zayday Is One Of The Red Devil Killers, Plus Nick Jonas Explains Boone’s Disguise

In the next episode of Scream Queens(warning: spoilers ahead), Zayday (Keke Palmer) and Grace (Skyler Samuels) are set to discover that Boone (Nick Jonas) is not dead and has been parading around in a Joaquin Phoenix disguise. With that in mind, Palmer recently sat down with Cosmopolitan and discussed just how likely it is that her character is one of the Red Devil killers.

In fact, when asked about her character’s involvement in the murders that have riddled the sorority group since the start of the season, Palmer firmly denied that Zayday is, or ever will be, the killer.

“Zayday! Zayday is not involved; she is a good girl,” Palmer stated in the interview.

Although fans aren’t likely to see Zayday turn into one of the Red Devil killers any time soon, Palmer does promise that fans will see more of her character as the season progresses. In turn, this development will lead to a better understanding of what motivates Zayday and what the sorority means to her.

“You’ll definitely see more of Zayday and who she is to the girls, you know, just kind of understanding the role that she plays within the sorority,” Palmer explained. “You’ll definitely understand more about Zayday and her position at Kappa [and what] it means to her.”

Meanwhile, with Zayday and Grace set to discover that Boone was not killed way back in the first episode, Boone is apparently ready to get rid of his disguise. According to Design & Trend, Boone’s decision to come clean with everyone about his death will be a major part of whatever happens in the following episode.

“He thinks he’s got a brilliant disguise on and he’s blending in perfectly with the normal crowd. Clearly he doesn’t,” Jonas explained. “He’s not the brightest in the bunch. But it’s really setting up what’s about to happen in the next episode.”

At the same time, Boone’s involvement with the killings might be more than people originally thought. In fact, the synopsis for the coming installment reveals that another character is set to die at the hands of the Red Devil. Does this mean Gigi (Nasim Pedrad) is the next one to be killed on Scream Queens?

Although Gigi is working with the Red Devil, last week’s episode reveals that Boone thinks she might present a major problem to their operation. “Gigi is the problem, she’s the one that got us into this and now she’s blowing our brand,” Boone explains to someone on the telephone. “I mean, who shows up in a Justice Scalia costume?”

The show has already proved it can be unpredictable, which means it’s possible Gigi won’t be the next character killed off. Whatever ends up happening, Jonas does go on to state that his character will play a major role in the story as the season continues to develop.

“The minute you think something’s happening, something changes and everything is flipped on its head,” Jonas told the outlet. “I think you’ll see very clearly with Boone that he’s probably more involved than you thought originally and really in the mix.”

With Zayday and Grace both ready to uncover his secret, will this mean that one of them might be the next victim? Or, will Boone and the Red Devil target someone completely unexpected?

While fans wait to see what transpires between Boone and Zayday, the episode will also feature Chanel (Emma Roberts) dealing with Hester’s (Lea Michele) announcement, while Denise (Niecy Nash) relates a scary ghost story.

Fans can watch the mystery unfold when the coming episode of Scream Queens, titled “Ghost Stories,” airs Tuesday night on FOX.

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