Actor Alan Arkin Suffers Stroke

Oscar-winning actor Alan Arkin was hospitalized with a minor stoke, but has been reported to be back at home by Friday reading scripts. The 81-year-old actor allegedly suffered a mini-stroke.

According to Fox News, Alan Arkin, who recently was recognized for the movies Argo and Little Miss Sunshine was released from the hospital the day following the incident, according to publicist Melody Korenbrot.

“She added Arkin was home reading a script for a possible new movie. In addition to his two Academy Awards, the actor was Oscar-nominated for The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming and The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter in the 1960s.”

Arvin’s career has spanned over 60 years.

People Magazine is reporting that Alan Arkin is just fine following the minor medical incident.

“He’s actually laughing today,” a rep for Arkin tells People. “He’s at home, he’s fine. It was a mini-stroke, there’s nothing wrong.”

Arkin is currently married to Suzanne Newlander and has three children from other marriages, including actor Adam Arkin. Age has not slowed Alan Arkin down, as he has a movie out this weekend, and another in the spring with Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman.

The movie out this weekend, Love the Coopers features Alan Arkin in a supporting role, according to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, who reviewed the film, which is about “dysfunctional family togetherness at Christmas time.”

“Charlotte (Diane Keaton) and Sam (John Goodman) are the titular mater- and paterfamilias of Love the Coopers. After 40 years of something less than marital bliss, they’re finally planning to separate, but she persuades him not to announce that news until after the annual reunion. With three generations of past, present and future family ghosts due in, can they please just keep it pleasant for this one last Christmas Eve?”

With bad weather and badly behaved children, it seems the Coopers are all hiding something from each other. Alan Arkin plays Charlotte Cooper’s father, who has bonded with a young waitress.

“Charlotte’s and Emma’s old widower dad (Alan Arkin) feels much closer to a young, doe-eyed waitress (Amanda Seyfried) than to his own daughters — until devastated by the news that she’s leaving their beloved diner for a job in Hot Coffee, Miss.”

Though according to the reviewer, Love the Coopers will not be anyone’s idea of an annual Christmas movie, the cast is delightful, and the movie itself is amusing.

“Sentimental holiday rom-coms tend to have formulaic cookie-cutter conflicts. ‘Love the Coopers’ won’t join ‘A Christmas Carol’ or ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ in the pantheon, but it’s warm and cuddly in its own way — featuring such bit co-stars as local martial artist Attila Li and such iconic Pittsburgh locations as Phipps Conservatory, the Smithfield and Hot Metal bridges, and our inimitable skyline in snowscapes.”

Hopefully, Alan Arkin has more years in his career to make movies that fans love. Will you see Love the Coopers?

[Photo courtesy of Richard Shotwell/AP ]