Paris Shooting: Possible Terrorist Attack Rocks French Capital

Details of several Paris shootings are currently emerging amid fears that a possible terrorist attack may have been orchestrated in the French capital.

Thus far, more than 100 people, perhaps at many as 150, may have died in the Paris shootings, reported Associated Press. A potential terrorist motivation has not yet been confirmed or ruled out, though French citizens are obviously fearful of the possibility given the bloody attack on the offices of French satire paper Charlie Hebdo earlier this year that claimed 12 lives.

President Francois Hollande has officially declared a state of emergency and closed the borders of France. These are one of several indications that officials are not ruling out that the Paris shooting were indeed a coordinated terrorist attack. While addressing the nation, the president stood firm against the violent incidents.

“What the terrorists want is to make us scared, to terrify us. But facing terror is a country that knows how to defend itself.”

Due to widespread uncertainty about whether or not the possible Paris terrorist attack has ended, French citizens are taking to social media to offer an “Open Door” policy for anyone who may be seeking shelter in the city. Using the hashtag #PorteOuverte, Parisian are tweeting out locations that are safe for both tourists and locals alike to find hiding.

Local theater Bataclan is reportedly the site of an ongoing hostage situation related to the Paris shootings. American rock band Eagles of Death Metal were playing at the venue, and it is reported by CNN that around 100 hostages are currently trapped inside. Victims trapped in the Bataclan are saying that seven to eight people are under control of the attackers, who are currently battling it out with the local police force.

Another incident took place at a Germany Vs. France world championship soccer game at the Stade de France. Present at the match was President Francois Hollande, who was subsequently moved to the Interior Ministry. Several explosions reportedly took place at the scene. One was reportedly audible in the live video coverage of the match.

Some of the clashes related to the Paris shooting took place inside of crowded restaurants. Another took place at the local Les Halles shopping mall. In at least one of the violent moments, police were nearby to respond to the call. Unidentified video and photos are currently surfacing on social media.

President Barack Obama has just made a public statement in support of the Parisian community in light of the shooting. Despite clear confirmation that a terrorist attack did in fact take place, the president has pledged his support to the French community, reported CNN.

“This is an attack not just on Paris, not just on France, but an attack on humanity and all of the universal values that we uphold.”

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