153 Dead In Paris Shootings, Stade De France Stadium Explosions — 100 Paris Bataclan Hostages Situation Ongoing [Graphic Videos, Photos]

There have been multiple violent acts in and around Paris, France, reports CNN. Update: 153 are feared dead in the Paris shootings and violence. The death toll in Paris stands at 35 to 40 people, reports the latest Associated Press updates about the Paris shootings. Peter Allen, a journalist in Paris, says the death toll has climbed to at least 40. Paris TV and Yahoo News confirms the climbing death toll in Paris. The shootings occurred in central Paris on Friday evening.

The photos coming out of Paris and the videos from Paris via social media tell of the devastation that the series of explosions and the shootings have caused.

There are lots of confusion in Paris, and sirens can be heard around the City of Lights.

Warning: The video below of the shootings in Paris contains gunshot sounds and yelling that might be disturbing to some viewers.


Paris is also the scene of a hostage situation; an additional shooting at the Paris Bataclan — a concert hall in Paris — has become the scene where terrorists are holding hostages, reports the New York Daily News.

At least three different locations in Paris were the sites of shootings, reports CNN, including neighborhoods that have plenty of patrons during a Friday evening. Videos like the one below show the devastation in the aftermath of such an event. Even if one doesn’t speak French, they can hear the despair in the cries of the Parisians who experienced terror and confusion.

According to the New York Times, there were two loud explosions heard outside of the Stade de France stadium — and unconfirmed reports of a suicide bomber are showing up on social media. The explosions were loud enough for the crowd to hear the explosions beyond their cheers during the friendly game between Germany and France.

Photos from the Associated Press such as the one above show victims of the Paris shootings laying on the sidewalk outside of Le Carillon, a Paris restaurant.

Those killed in the Paris shootings had white sheets placed atop their bodies in front of the Paris restaurant. The shootings on Friday, November 13, in Paris were confirmed by Paris officials, who didn’t yet confirm if all of the shootings around Paris were connected.

The hostage situation is continually being updated via Twitter as well, with some social media users using Periscope to stream live video of the scene nearby the Paris Bataclan. There are approximately 100 hostages that have been taken at the Paris Bataclan, reports ABC 7.

The attacker used a machine gun in the Paris shootings, reports the Daily Mail. The publication calls the shootings around Paris a coordinated attack. One of the Paris shooting situations happened at the eatery on the Rue Bichat. The other two explosions, as heard nearby the Stade de France sports stadium, made the crowd in Paris cry out and the players on the field stop what they were doing to run off the field.

The Paris Bataclan concert hostage situation is reportedly still ongoing as of this writing, with approximately 100 people being held hostage.

[AP Photo/Thibault Camus]