2012 Olympics: Bear Grylls Zip-Lines His Leg Of The Torch Relay [VIDEO]

I don’t care what anyone says. Bear Grylls is a badass.

The former Man vs. Wild star proved once again that he’ll do just about anything that risks life and limb for pure entertainment. For the 2012 Olympics torch-lighting ceremony, Bear Grylls jogged – no wait – zip-lined across the river from the top of the Tyne Bridge whilst bearing the Olympic Flame for his leg of the torch relay through Newcastle upon Tyne today.

But is Grylls afraid of heights? NO! According to him, the only thing he was concerned about was whether the flame would stay lit in the wind. “I was kind of worried about the torch going out but it stayed alight,” said Grylls afterward. “It was amazing. I was a bit nervous about rope and fire but it was fine and we are in one piece,” continuing, “They said the torch had been tested in a wind tunnel, but you don’t really know. A wind tunnel’s one thing, but the Tyne Bridge when it’s a bit blowy is a different thing.”

Thousands were present to watch the ceremony, according to E!. The crowd went wild after seeing Grylls slide from the top of the bridge’s 195 foot arch with fireworks.

According to the Guardian, Saturday will see Olympic track legends Haile Gebrselassie and Brendan Foster will carry the flame. Deputy Leader of South Tyneside Council, Councillor Alan Kerr, said their participation will help residents celebrate the torch’s progress.

“To have two such legendary athletes carrying the torch through South Tyneside is a real coup for the Borough. I’m sure our residents will give these sporting stars, as well as our local and international torch bearers, a warm and enthusiastic welcome.”

Grylls preparing to zipline

Prior to Grylls’ appearance, the Mud, Sweat & Tears author tweeted, “heading to Newcastle with @eastcoastuk – thankyou for looking after my family so well. Am focussed for Olympic torch zipline tonight!”

You decide! What did you think of Bear Grylls’ stunt?