Joey Feek Of Joey And Rory Cancer Update: 'Her Song Will Live On'

Joey Feek of the country music duo Joey and Rory entered hospice care earlier this month after making the decision to stop treatment for her terminal cancer. She was diagnosed with the disease last year.

According to a previous report from the Inquisitr, Joey Feek was diagnosed with cervical cancer in June 2014. She had surgery to remove the tumors, and she seemed to have made a full recovery. However, earlier this year, doctors told Joey the cancer had returned and spread to her colon. Joey's second diagnosis was made after her doctors found a nine-centimeter tumor in her sigmoid colon. The doctors informed her that the tumor was composed of the same cells as before, and it was worrisome because the cancer had spread to one of her other organs.

After Joey had been diagnosed with colon cancer, she started chemotherapy at the Cancer Treatment Center of America in Atlanta. Joey was supposed to start her latest round of chemotherapy in mid-October, but after undergoing a CT scan to see if the cancer had spread, the doctors realized the medicine she was taking was no longer working, and the cancer was still spreading rapidly. Joey's doctors told her she could still take more medications and undergo another round of chemotherapy, but it would only buy her time. The cure she had hoped and prayed for was no longer possible.

Last week, Joey's husband, Rory, shared with their fans that Joey had consulted with her family, and they all decided that she would end the treatments for her cancer. Instead, she will return home to enter hospice care. On Monday, a hospice bed was delivered to the Feek's home in Tennessee so she can live out the remainder of her days in her home rather than in a hospital.

"Joey is at peace with where she is and where she's going," Feek wrote on his blog titled, "This Life I Live." He continued,"So am I."

On Thursday, November 12, Rory shared another update about his wife, and he revealed just how emotionally strong Joey has been throughout this whole ordeal. While Joey is so physically weak that she needs a walker to get around, she is still taking every opportunity to spend time with her 20-month-old daughter, Indiana (Indy). Her determination to use her final days to spend time with her daughter is both inspirational and heartbreaking.

"A walker with wheels and a seat was delivered here yesterday and when we pulled it out for her this morning, Joey just laughed and said 'I can't use that…it's for old people,'" Rory wrote. "Then she grabbed the handles and pushed herself out of the room. When she reached little Indiana playing with toys on the living room rug, she said 'come on Indy, mama will take you for a ride.' So I helped Indy onto the seat, and Joey pushed her across the living room, through the kitchen, around the island and table, and back to her toys. Indy grinned ear-to-ear and so did we."

Rory concluded his blog post by explaining that he just wants his wife to be remembered after she is gone.

"We all want one more, don't we?" Rory questioned. "One more day… one more year… one more chance to be the person we know we should be… one more ride for our child around the house in her mama's walker…Like my friend Tim… I want my wife to be remembered."

[Photo via AP Photo/Chris Pizzello, File]