Peace The Bunny Wreaks Havoc In Massachusetts

Peace the bunny was meant to raise awareness for the arts, as well as help fund them in Deadham, Massachusetts. Instead, veterans have threatened to take up arms against the giant fiberglass creature, which sits calmly in the grass near a war memorial in Oakdale Commons.

Yahoo News reports that Vietnam veteran Frank Currin, who protests the art project, stated:

“Why isn’t it down here where the playgrounds are? And they have it sitting right next to the monument.”

The bunny is one of 15 that the city plans to put, and was originally named Leroy. The newly-renamed bunny was created by a veteran in order to honor another local vet, who died in January. Jennifer Barsamian, co-founder of Dedham Shines, said of the controversy, according to Yahoo News, that:

“It’s definitely been discouraging. The committee that put together this monument approved the placement of this rabbit, so we were completely surprised and caught off guard.”

Not all Dedlam residents are against the not-so-fuzzy sculpture. WHDH reports that some residents, like Millie Smart, have come to support Leroy–er, Peace. Smart stated:

“I think it’s fun. I think people are making a much bigger deal about it, I think they should be enjoying it.”

Some veterans even support the creature’s placement. Paul Grimes, a Navy veteran, stated:

“When the veterans want to do something, we allow them to do those things. Why can’t the town of Dedham put the bunnies that show the spirit of Dedham where they want to go?”

Peace, formerly known as Leroy, will be the topic of a public hearing on Monday.