WWE News: Triple H’s Potential Opponent For ‘WrestleMania 32’ Revealed

Triple H isn’t a full-time wrestler anymore in the WWE, but he still does participate at the big events. Two years ago at WrestleMania 30, HHH wrestled Daniel Bryan. If Bryan won, he was entered in the WWE championship match against Randy Orton and Batista. Bryan overcame the Chief Operating Officer and went on to win the WWE title in the main event at WrestleMania 30.

Last year, Triple H got involved in another major storyline, like he does year-round. Sting, former WCW champion, finally made his debut in the WWE at Survivor Series last year. This culminated in a match against Helmsley. Even though it wasn’t billed as such, it was symbolic of WCW vs. WWE. Triple H was the company guy in WWE and Sting for the other.

Triple H defeated Sting in an excellent match. During the bout, Degeneration-X came out to aide HHH, while the nWo helped Sting and the two legendary factions went at it at ringside. All in all, Triple H is usually involved in a big match at every WrestleMania. What are his plans this year at WrestleMania 32?

The plan was leaning towards Seth Rollins, but since he is on the shelf for six to nine months, that won’t be happening this year. According to Ringside News and Dave Meltzer, Triple H’s WrestleMania opponent could involve one of his former teammates from Evolution.

“Dave Meltzer talked about the possibility of Dave Bautista facing Triple H at WrestleMania 32 in some sort of retirement match on today’s installment of Wrestling Observer Live. Meltzer said that Bautista has been wanting to do a match like that for a while now against Triple H. The downside would be that Bautista is actually filming Guardians of the Galaxy 2 in January, so that would leave little to no build for the match.”

Meltzer goes on to say that if Batista’s filming for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is only a six-week shoot, then he should be good to go. On the other hand, there’s a chance the filming lasts three months. In that case, Batista wouldn’t be able to participate in WrestleMania 32, thus leaving any chance of this feud taking place nearly impossible.

Batista deserves one more run in the company and Triple H is the perfect man to feud against. HHH brought him up and took Batista under his wing in Evolution. Just like Orton, Batista was a hand-picked guy to succeed in the WWE. Batista didn’t disappoint, as he’s a former World Heavyweight champion and WWE champion.

Jim Ross agrees wholeheartedly that another Batista run is beneficial for both parties.

“Hey, I got an idea for you: what about Batista, the heel, coming back and taking on Brock Lesnar, the babyface, at WrestleMania [32] in April [2016] in Dallas [Texas]?” Ross continued, “I could live with that main event, a red hot Batista coming back and urinating all over the fans and being a big star and being very arrogant and full of himself and being a bad ass, believing his [newspaper] clippings and he wants to take on the biggest dog in the yard. I don’t dislike that match.”

Ross added another option for a comeback match against Batista. Brock Lesnar may not fight for the WWE World Heavyweight championship at WrestleMania. Therefore, he needs a high-profile match. Speculation rests that he won’t get the Rock for the Grandaddy of Them All. Who else is left but Batista?

It’s a realistic match that pits two big guys against one another. The WWE Universe wants to see Batista, as he’s still a popular figure in most wrestling memes. As a babyface, it just won’t work, like Ross suggested. However, if Batista were to return to the WWE as a mega-heel, then intrigue will slowly ascend to new heights.

[Image via WWE.com]