August 24, 2017
'My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2' Trailer Better Than 'I Hate Valentine's Day' [Videos, Photos]

The My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 trailer has been released and it looks much better than the movie, I Hate Valentine's Day. First released on April 19, 2002 in the U.S., My Big Fat Greek Wedding was the freshman film by writer Nia Vardalos. She returns with co-star John Corbett in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 and adds producer to her credits. My Big Fat Greek Wedding was nominated for the Best Original Screenplay Oscar. It continued to garner positive reviews and was well-received. My Big Fat Greek Wedding became one of the highest-grossing films that never reached number one, according to Box Office Mojo.

Nia Vardolos wrote, directed and starred alongside John Corbett in the 2009 film, I Hate Valentine's Day. Though the pair had captured America's hearts in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the romance fizzled and the film was met with poor reviews and a negative reception. Hopefully, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 will bring back the magic the pair exemplified on screen during the original film. Those who may be wary about seeing Greek Wedding's sequel due to I Hate Valentine's Day will want to check out the trailer before making any rash decisions. The trailer looks funny, humorous and is already being met with a positive reception on social media networks. There is no question that there is an audience ready and waiting for the sequel.

While My Big Fat Greek Wedding was somewhat autobiographical and based upon Vardolos' experiences growing up Greek, the same is true about the sequel. According to an interview Nia Vardolos and John Corbett gave to the Today Show, Vardalos explained why the sequel took 13 years in the making.

"The reason I didn't want to do the sequel is because at the end of the first one, I had written that we were parents. And even though I make stuff up, I couldn't write from a place of emotions that I didn't know because I wasn't a mom — and then I became a mom, so instantly, so suddenly."
Nia Vardolos is married to actor Ian Gomez, who also appeared in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. The couple became the parents of an adopted daughter in 2009. Now that Vardalos is a mother, she is drawing on her own experiences for her character and the sequel.

According to the Today Show interview, this may not be the final installment in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. When Corbett was asked about his enthusiasm regarding being in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, he stated that he jumped on board and was even ready for more films. Corbett expressed his feeling when he received the phone call from Vardalos that she had conceived the sequel's plot.

"The truth is, I didn't think it was over. After a decade of hearing, 'Hmm, I don't know, I don't have any ideas really,' I just sort of gave up. And so it was really a huge surprise when she called and said, 'I got an idea. What do you think? Do you want to do it?' And nobody on this team was happier than me."
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[Photo by Cyrus McCrimmon/The Denver Post via Getty Images]