‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Hilary Resists, Neil Pressures, And Victor Initiates A Scheme With Adam’s Appeal

What can viewers expect from Friday’s episode of The Young and the Restless? Spoilers tease that there are big developments on Adam’s appeal, though there will be a bit of mystery surrounding it all. There is more coming in this November 13 show regarding Hilary, Devon, Neil, and Gwen as well.

The Young and the Restless spoilers from She Knows Soaps indicate that everybody will be buzzing about a new judge for Adam’s appeal. Judge Elise Moxley will be in charge, and many soap fans will recognize the actress playing Moxley. Jensen Buchanan, known for her time as Vicki and Marley Hudson on Another World and as Sarah Buchanan on One Life to Live, plays the new role.

It seems that Michael will voice some concerns over getting Moxley for the case, as she is known for being very tough. Michael will share that Christine managed to get Moxley on the appeal, and Victor will be quite vocal about why he thinks Adam should win the case.

The Young and the Restless spoilers indicate that Nikki will be worried that Moxley holds something against her. Viewers will see Moxley and Christine talking at the courthouse. Moxley gives Chris a hard time for pulling strings to get the appeal in her court, but Christine says she did nothing of the sort.

Later, Nikki will catch up to the judge and express her worry that she’s on the judge’s bad side. Moxley indicates that she will be pulling herself off the case, though Victor shows up and talks about how he thinks Moxley wants the case and will make the right decision.

Celeb Dirty Laundry shares that Jack will be chatting with Adam about the case, with Jack worried about Victor’s motivations for helping his son. Adam dances around this, not revealing Victor’s ultimate plans to get back at the Abbotts.

Further into Friday’s episode, Jack will pressure Victor as well. However, he won’t make any significant progress. Ultimately, Adam will agree that he has no choice but to help Victor.

The last that Y&R viewers saw of Hilary, she was at the boathouse, and Devon followed her there. Though Neil just told Hilary everything about what happened, she won’t share a word of it with Devon.

The Young and the Restless spoilers tease that instead, she continues to push against Devon. He shares some additional information with her about their history, but she refuses to accept that she was in love with him.

Neil and Gwen are scrambling to find Hilary and get the medication from Neville into her. Neil indicates that he’s not as worried about Hilary spilling the details he shared as he is about Dylan finding out everything.

Y&R spoilers detail that Neil will track Hilary down, and she says she revealed nothing to Devon. Hilary is hesitant to take the pills, but Neil works to convince her.

At the same time, Gwen will be back in the bar knocking back a drink. Devon is there, and Gwen tells him how the manipulative version of Hilary has returned. The Young and the Restless spoilers indicate that though Devon defends Hilary, Gwen makes it clear that she is determined to hold onto Neil no matter what Hilary does.

Nikki and Jack will have a discussion about Moxley, with the question arising about what Victor might have on the judge’s husband, Senator Moxley. It seems that Victor has orchestrated Moxley taking over the case, but viewers will have to wait and see how the pieces of this puzzle fit together.

Will Adam win his appeal? What comes next regarding Sharon and baby Christian? Will Hilary remember the truth about her life prior to the accident? There is plenty more drama on the way on The Young and the Restless, and viewers can’t wait to see what comes next.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images]