Critics Pan Adam Sandler’s “That’s My Boy”, But Audiences Kind Of Like It

Adam Sandler loses again with critics

Adam Sandler’s latest effort That’s My Boy fared about as well with critics as his last outing. Critics shredded the film, which holds a 20% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

That’s My Boy features Adam Sandler as a deadbeat dad to Andy Samberg’s wealthy and successful son. It was produced by Sandler’s Happy Madison production company, and also stars Leighton Meester and Susan Sarandon. Sandler has never really been what you’d call a critical doll, but That’s My Boy pulls in some of the most scathing reviews of his career. He doesn’t really seem to care what the critics think anymore, and it seems as though the critics have caught on.

Michael O’Sullivan of the Washington Post writes that Sandler, “goes after some pretty low-hanging fruit: fat people, the elderly, immigrants, washed-up celebrities, horndogs and others. Its technique (to use the word in the loosest possible sense) is a blunt instrument. Much of the comedy derives from sex, nudity, bodily fluids and four-letter words — a focus so single-minded that the script sometimes seems to have been written by a 13-year-old,” granting the film half a star out of four.

Marshall Fine of Hollywood & Fine sees the film as Sandler-as-per-usual, writing, “like all of Sandler’s films (and by that I mean the ones that come from his Happy Madison production company), this one consists of a thin script pumped up with lots of improv and throwaway gags that Sandler and team apparently retrieved from the wastebasket,” concluding, “It isn’t the worst Sandler comedy ever. But that’s like saying, ‘This isn’t the worst case of food poisoning I’ve ever had.'”

Adam Graham of Detriot News said that, “Sandler’s Berger is the most loutish, annoying character he’s come up with since Little Nicky. Nicky came from hell; viewers of That’s My Boy will feel like they’re in it.”


But hey, silver lining! Audiences dig That’s My Boy, granting it a 71% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. But critics have an excuse for that, too. Writes Fine, “there aren’t many blinder than Adam Sandler – or his fans.” But hey, if you’re an Adam Sandler fan, don’t take that bait. Go see That’s My Boy and decide for yourself! I know I will.

Here’s the trailer to whet your appetite: