Miranda Lambert Was ‘Hurt’ By Blake Shelton/Gwen Stefani’s Romance: Is She Dating?

Miranda Lambert reportedly felt hurt when she found out that ex-husband Blake Shelton was dating Gwen Stefani. Over a week after the Voice star’s rep confirmed news of the romance, a source claimed that while Miranda Lambert wasn’t super thrilled with the news, she wishes Shelton the best.

There was “a tinge of hurt when [Miranda Lambert] heard the news,” a Miranda Lambert pal told People Magazine on November 12. “But they are divorced, after all, and she wishes nothing but the best for Blake.”

As for her own dating life, Miranda Lambert hasn’t moved on from her marriage quite yet, but she may do so in the near future if the right guy comes into her life. As the friend explained, Miranda Lambert is “not concentrating on dating right now, but wouldn’t rule it out.”

“[Miranda Lambert’s] concentration is on her new music, dogs, horses, life in Nashville and her family and friends. The simpler things in life.”

Miranda Lambert was married to Shelton for four years before the two country stars parted ways over the summer. Also parting ways over the summer, ironically, were Shelton’s new girlfriend, Stefani, and her husband, Gavin Rossdale, who had been married for 13 years and have three children together, the youngest of whom is just 20-months-old.

Due to the couples’ divorces being so close, there have been many rumors regarding possible infidelities. In one report, a source claimed Miranda Lambert suspected her former partner’s romance with his Voice co-star had been going on for much longer than they’ve let on, and she was determined to get to the bottom of things with the help of Rossdale.

On November 12, Hollywood Life’s source claimed Miranda Lambert was planning to meet with Rossdale in hopes of getting more information on her ex-husband’s supposedly new romance.

“[Miranda Lambert] isn’t buying the story that Blake and Gwen only recently got romantic,” the source explained of Miranda Lambert. “She wants to meet with Gavin behind closed doors and compare notes. She feels like both she and Gavin are being made out to be the cheaters to benefit their exes.”

“[Miranda Lambert’s] sure the truth will come out eventually, it always does,” the Hollywood Life source added.

Last week, just days after Miranda Lambert’s ex-husband’s new relationship was confirmed, a source told TMZ that Rossdale was suspicious of the timing, as well. According to the report, Rossdale suspected there was something going on between his former wife and Shelton before their marriage blew up earlier this year. The source also claimed Rossdale felt his ex-wife was painting him to be the bad guy so that her romance with Shelton wouldn’t seem so taboo.

As the report continued, the source claimed Rossdale’s problems with the new romance “go beyond” Miranda Lambert’s ex-husband. In addition, he “can’t believe” Stefani had labeled him as a control freak because she allegedly restricted him from going on tour due to her fears of him cheating.

“She just didn’t let him work,” a source alleged.

Meanwhile, Miranda Lambert has stayed silent regarding the ongoing rumors of her ex’s new romance, choosing to instead keep her focus on her career, which kicks off its new tour early next year with shows in Scotland, Ireland, England, and the United States.

Miranda Lambert’s marriage to Shelton officially came to an end in July of this year.

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