‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jake And Sam Share An Emotional Moment, Laura Pressures Hayden, And Robin And Patrick Connect

What’s coming up on Friday’s episode of General Hospital? Spoilers share there are heavy-duty discussions ahead about Jason Morgan and one key character is back in Port Charles. From the sound of things, fans definitely will not want to miss this November 13 episode.

Everybody finally knows that Jake Doe is Jason Morgan and viewers watched as Sam reached out and Monica spent time with her son. However, Jake is struggling with the weight of this reveal. According to the General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps, there is another emotional exchange between Sam and Jake in Friday’s show.

Though Jake and Sam had been building a strong relationship before the big reveal, neither realized just why they were drawn to one another. Now that they know, however, things have been difficult, awkward, and it sounds as if this will take a while to sort out fully.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that on Friday’s episode, Sam will get emotional over how Jake was her husband and she has to think he feels that on some level. Previews have teased a kiss between these two soon, could it come at this point? It sounds like Sam may initiate the kiss, and Jake may pull back. Will Sam tell Patrick about what happened?

Finding out that he is Jason has come as a huge shock to Jake, but there were plenty of people in Port Charles who already knew the scoop. General Hospital spoilers from We Love Soaps tease that there will be quite the conversation ahead in this episode involving Elizabeth, Nikolas, Hayden and Laura regarding Jason.

Naturally, Liz is desperate to keep Jake from finding out how much she knew about his identity these past few months. Laura has pleaded with Liz to come clean before the wedding, but that didn’t happen.

Hayden could blow this wide open, but General Hospital spoilers detail that Laura will actually step up to protect Liz on this front. Laura will want to know what it will take to keep Hayden quiet about what Elizabeth knew regarding Jake’s identity.

As viewers have seen, Hayden has some secret partner who is part of her scheme to shake things up in Port Charles. Just who is she working with and what is her ultimate game plan? Viewers may not have answers on that front yet, but everybody can be sure that there is plenty more drama to come in the storyline before all is said and done.

Robin called Patrick during Thursday’s show, and it seemed she might reveal that she is back in Port Charles. General Hospital spoilers have been teasing a brief return from Kimberly McCullough this month and it looks like that is about to begin.

Will Robin be working with Jason to try to help him recover his memories? Will she grow closer to Patrick, again, in the wake of his relationship challenges with Sam? It is known there are big changes on the horizon for Patrick; although, details are scarce regarding just what lies ahead or when the big changes will come into play.

Also ahead on Friday’s show, General Hospital spoilers note that Spencer will be telling Emma that Sam’s husband is still alive. In addition, there is new tension developing between Anna and Paul. Just how heated will things get between these two?

It’s been a wild ride this week and the chaos continues during Friday’s episode of General Hospital. Will Jason and Sam soon find their way back to one another? Or, will Elizabeth manage to hold on to him instead?

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