Obama Heckled By Reporter During Rose Garden Speech

President Obama was the subject of a heckling reporter during his speech at the Rose Garden today, explaining his reason to allow the Department of Homeland Security to stop the deportation of almost 800,000 young illegal immigrants who meet certain standards.

The Huffington Post reports that the immigrants must have arrived in the U.S. before they were 16, have been in the country for at least 5 years, and are under 30 years old. These people will be allowed to gain temporary legal status and apply for work permits.

During the speech, Obama stopped suddenly to address Neil Munro, a reporter with the Daily Caller, who twice interrupted the President’s speech to ask if the move is the “right thing” for the country. Obama first tried to talk over the reporter, but when he was interrupted again, he stated:

“Excuse me, sir, it’s not time for questions, sir. Not while I’m speaking.”

After he finished his speech, The Huffington Post reports that Obama referred back to Munro, stating:

“And the answer to your question is sir, and the next time I prefer you let me finish my statements before you ask that question, is this is the right thing to do for the American people…I didn’t ask for an argument. I’m answering your question. It is the right thing to do for the American people.”

Newser reports that Munro’s boss, Tucker Carlson, defended the reporter, stating:

“I don’t remember Diane Sawyer scolding her colleague Sam Donaldson for heckling President Reagan. A reporter’s job is to ask questions and get answers. Our job is to find out what the federal government is up to. Politicians often don’t want to tell us. A good reporter gets the story. We’re proud of Neil Munro.”

Do you think that Neil Munro had the right to interrupt President Obama’s speech, in order to “get the story?”