Toddler Caught Singing ‘Star Wars’ Imperial March Tune On Babycam

The hype surrounding the upcoming Star Wars sequel, The Force Awakens, continues to rise at a fevered pitch. With only 35 more days to go, numerous Star Wars fans remain frantic at finding interesting activities that can tide them over in the intervening time.

The Star Wars fandom has taken a cute turn, as a video of a toddler singing the “Imperial March” just went viral over the web on Friday, as reported by Time.

Jonathan Liu does what many Star Wars fans have been doing in preparation for the big day: marathon-viewing all the Star Wars films that came before. Jonathan is a dad, and just like many dads who identify themselves as die-hard Star Wars fans, he belongs to a group that follows a long-held tradition, that which involves watching all Star Wars films with one’s children. It’s a rite of passage that provides the assurance that your status as a Star Wars geek will stand for generations to come. For a Star Wars-obsessed parent, not many things are as satisfying than the knowledge that the Force is strong in their progeny.

In the adorable video above, Jonathan Liu’s two-and-a-half-year-old daughter shows the world that The Force is strong in her even at a very young age. After having watched many Star Wars films with her dad and siblings, she’s developed quite a liking for one character most of all. No, it’s not Luke Skywalker or Princess Leia, as is usually the case with most kids her age. It’s not even R2-D2 or C-3PO. This little girl, as cute and charming as she is, has developed a fondness for the baddest Sith of them all, Darth Vader (cue “Imperial March” tune).

“We watched Star Wars with our kids recently, and our toddler (2 and a half) really enjoyed the bits she saw before her bedtime. One of her favorite parts: the “Imperial March.” Here she is singing it to herself in her crib (as seen through the baby monitor),” Jonathan said, sharing the video on YouTube.

“Buh bah, bah, buh bah bah, buh bah bah,” the adorable Sith sang in her cute little-teeny voice after she was put to bed.

To hear the original “Imperial March” tune, watch the Star Wars clip below:

Yep, this little girl has embraced the dark side, and we love her for it. She’s grown so fond of the infamous Sith lord that she “started mimicking the sound of his breathing,” according to her dad Jonathan. Her fondness for Anakin Skywalker is such that she is always inclined to stand up and dance every time “Imperial March” comes on. She’s not doing it just for show, either, as the video shows her hailing Darth Vader even when she thought no one’s around. We have a baby Sith in our midst, folks.

Star Wars-related stories continue to proliferate the web, bolstering the anticipation among fans as the official day of the film’s showing draws near. There’s the hoverboard-riding Darth Vader proving that sometimes, the Force can only do so much. Last week, the international trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens showed never-before-seen footage that left fans even more excited for the film. There’s also the heart-warming story of a terminally-ill Star Wars fan whose dying wish to see the film was granted.

Amidst speculations suggesting that Luke Skywalker himself has joined the Dark Side, the web is showing many signs that the Evil Empire continues to gather influence from places that hurt the most, as the following videos can prove.

[Image via YouTube]