Liam Payne Reveals 1D's Two-Year Hiatus, And That He Doesn't Have The Boys' Phone Numbers!

Chanel Adams

Liam Payne better get his bandmates' phone numbers because he just revealed that their hiatus is for two years, not one year as previously assumed.

It all started when the boys of One Direction announced that they were "not splitting up, but we will be taking a well-earned break" after releasing their new album, Made in the A.M., out on Friday, Nov. 13. Well, those words still didn't sit well with their fans. They still had a meltdown on social media shortly after the boys announced their break.

One Direction has been keeping quiet about the details of their upcoming hiatus. Earlier this year, they sent their fans into a meltdown on Twitter when they announced they were going to take a break. Reports assumed that the remaining foursome would take a break for a year, but Liam Payne may have let it slip when he said that the boys were breaking for two years, not one year.

Payne and his band made an appearance in the Live Lounge on Greg James' BBC Radio 1 show, according to the Belfast Telegraph. The boys played four acoustic versions of their new songs off of their new album Made in the A.M., along with two cover songs. That's when Payne revealed that he will be using the next two years to write songs for 1D, and for other artists.

"We haven't really had time to write an album and whereas two years off…Writing's not really a job, it's so much fun, we've always had to rush it so it's nice in these two years I'm going to write some songs and see what happens."

But One Direction is not saying goodbye to their fans anytime soon. While performing their last show of their On The Road Again world tour on Halloween at England's Sheffield Area, the news of their impending hiatus was hitting Payne and the guys. He told Billboard that they're not taking their break as well as their fans.

"It is definitely really sad for us. But obviously, we're going back into it. So it's not goodbye, it's just, 'See you later.' It's like what Tigger used to say: 'Ta-ta for now.'"

Liam also spilled something else today. The British crooner told People magazine that he doesn't have his bandmates under his list of contacts. There's a reason why Liam didn't want to add his 1D boys into his phone at first.

"I actually don't have any of my bandmates' numbers, which I think is hilarious. I see them every day, so I don't really need to text them. I'll have to get [their numbers], which is quite funny."
"I don't think anyone really knows the likelihood of One Direction getting back together, not even them. If one or two or three decide to go solo and are successful, then there's less and less incentive for them to bring back One Direction. At the same time, they have promised they will be back, and people usually don't do that."

What are your thoughts on Liam Payne's comments about their two-year hiatus? Do you think One Direction will come back in the near future? Or, do you believe they're done for good? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images]