Amy Schumer Apologizes To Fans After Portland Show Cut Short

Amy Schumer has apologized to her fans after they voiced their outrage that her early show in Portland, Maine, was cut too short.

The stand-up comedian reportedly only performed a 47-minute set during her Saturday night show at the Cross Insurance Arena in Portland. Schumer said the set was cut short to accommodate the second show on Saturday, angering those that arrived for the 7:30 p.m. show.

Richard Machlin tweeted that he had never felt so ripped off in his life. He also said the show only ran approximately 35-40 minutes, rather than the reported 47.

“Have seldom felt so ripped off at a show,” Machlin tweeted. “Who do I contact for a refund? Disgraceful.”

According to the New York Daily News, Machlin spoke to the Portland Press Herald, telling them that he had asked the Cross Insurance Arena for a refund of the $80 ticket price. As of this report, he had not heard anything back from them.

“Cross Arena you owe a refund to all your customers who bought tickets to the 7:30 show! We bought our tickets first and got the short end of the deal! So disappointed!” Michelle Cloutier wrote on the Cross Insurance Arena’s Facebook page.

Amy Schumer admitted that the show was a bit too short, but said it was only because of their need to accommodate two audiences. After the backlash she received, Schumer took to Twitter to apologize, and explain why the show was cut short. She said she had to have time to get ready for the second show at 10:30 p.m., which was added after the first show sold out.

“Loved the first crowd in Portland,” she tweeted. “Felt short to me too. Had to keep the show under 70 mins to move the next crowd in.”

According to WCSH6, Schumer said this tour was the first time she performed at arenas, and she wasn’t sure what to do.

“That seemed short to me, so I said right before I went up to Bill, the guy who runs the show, it says 45 minutes, is that right? And he said Yep, that’s it.,” said Schumer. “This is my first experience, I didn’t have anybody with me to tell me any different, so I did what I was told to do.”

“While I was on stage, it was a great show, and the crowd was awesome, I love performing, and I’m not like, ‘well that’s all, that’s it.’ So it felt very weird to me to get off stage, and then I looked at Twitter, and people were like ‘that’s it?’ And I said ‘I knew it felt like that,’” said Schumer.

Amy said her agent told her she should have ignored the stage manager and continued the show, but she didn’t know she was allowed to do that. She called the incident a “rookie mistake.”

“It was a rookie mistake, but I was following directions. I feel horrible about it, but I promise it wasn’t laziness, or that I didn’t respect the crowd I have to be out there, it was strictly a rookie mistake, and I’m sorry that they had to pay for it,” said Schumer.

Cross Insurance Arena General Manager Matt Herpich said Amy performed both of the shows she was contracted to do, and because she fulfilled her contracted time, they will not be giving any refunds.

[Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images]