May 21, 2019
Jordyn Woods Goes Fully Braless, Flaunts Deep Cleavage And Thigh-High Slit

Jordyn Woods knows how to flaunt it. The 21-year-old has taken to Instagram for her latest update, and it's definitely showing fans what she's made of.

On May 21, the model posted a snap of herself in a daring and very revealing outfit. The picture sees Woods clad in a peach-colored jacket with button details and lapels. The thigh-length wraparound blazer is long-sleeved. It is, however, cheekily slit and very visibly braless. The look is flashing the SECNDNTURE founder's toned legs, bronzed cleavage, and all-around sensational figure. While the lower half of Jordyn's underwear situation hasn't been clarified, her upper assets are clearly unsupported.

Fans appear to be leaving all the support in the world, though. One left their thoughts in a comment.

"Jordyn is on a whole other level of fine smhh"
Another picked up on the pastel peaches from Jordyn's jacket, per their words.
"Whew! Woman this color on you!! Fire"
One of the most-liked comments begged Jordyn to set up a YouTube channel. The model promptly replied saying that she would "when I have time." Given that Woods is running two brands alongside being "flooded" with business offers, per Elle, it would seem that this sensation is as time-strapped as she is successful.Jordyn usually updates her Instagram in athleisurewear. Her latest SECNDNTURE collection is dropping May 23, and promotion for it has been going strong. A recent update (seen below) showed Jordyn and her SECNDNTURE squad modeling the range's latest line. The video saw Woods dancing, twerking, and seemingly at her happiest. It also came with high praise for being inclusive – two of Jordyn's models had visible disabilities. All of the girls joined in the dancing.It is, of course, impossible for Woods to make a headline without seeing Khloe Kardashian, Tristan Thompson, or Kylie Jenner mentioned. The February cheating scandal, quoted by Harper's Bazaar, saw Jordyn admit to "kissing" Khloe's now-ex. Khloe has, however, clarified that Jordyn "is not to be blamed," per People. Possibly as a result of the scandal, Jordyn and her former best friend Kylie have not been spotted together since February.For Woods though, onwards and upwards seems to be the mentality. The model has been pursuing her business ventures with full force, and the work seems to be paying off. SECNDNTURE is successful enough to have a new collection. Woods also seems largely accepted by the general public despite her scandal.

Jordyn has 9.8 million Instagram followers. Today's snap had racked up over 450,000 likes within two hours of being posted.