Lenovo Yoga 900 Challenges MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Surface Pro, Surface Book, And Dell XPS 13

Lenovo has just made the act of choosing an ultraportable notebook even more difficult by releasing the Yoga 900. The 13-inch notebook starts off at 2.8 pounds and is only.59 inches thick. It has a touchscreen that can turn in every direction possible. The Yoga 900 also runs a new 6th-generation Intel Core i5 or i7 processor. The device has surprised some critics and consumers.

CNET has given the Yoga 900 four stars.

“Lenovo clearly listened to feedback about last year’s high-end Yoga, keeping the excellent overall design but boosting the specs to match other premium 13-inch laptops.”

CNET adds that the speed of the Yoga 900 could be a little faster. They also said the battery life was a little bit average.

Laptop Magazine also gave the Yoga 900 four stars.

“Lenovo’s flagship 2-in-1 is the total package when it comes to hybrids, featuring a stunning design, solid performance and a supersharp display.”

The review adds that even though there are other two-in-one devices, the Yoga 900 is just about the best you can buy now. They notice that the keys have a short travel distance, but still work well.

No matter how good the Yoga 900 is, Lenovo has a major PR problem to get past: The company used to install adware on new computers. TheNextWeb reported on the scandal earlier this year.

“The adware, named Superfish, is reportedly installed on a number of Lenovo’s consumer laptops out of the box. The software injects third-party ads on Google searches and websites without the user’s permission,” reported Owen Williams earlier this year.

Wired accused Lenovo’s response to the adware scandal as being clueless after the company claimed that it stopped shipping adware during the previous month and that customers didn’t need to worry about their laptops compromising their security. They quoted Robert Graham from Errata Security.

“This is a bald-face lie. It’s obvious that there is a security problem here.”

So far, there have been no complaints about the new Yoga 900. Even Twitter has praised the device.

Lenovo has some other notebooks and tablet hybrids to compete with this holiday season. It falls somewhere between a 13-inch MacBook Air and 13-Inch MacBook Pro Retina. Diehard Mac fans will, of course, go for either of the MacBook devices, but those with a more open mind may want to take a look at the Yoga 900. They will be very impressed with how well Windows 10 operates — it is now in the same league as OS X.

Those looking for Windows machines may go for the Surface Pro 4 (or even Surface Book). If you are an artist and looking to sketch, the Surface devices may be a better deal for you. However, unlike the Surface Pro 4, the Lenovo comes with a solid keyboard since it’s meant to be more of a laptop, where the Surface Pro 4 is meant to be more of a tablet.

Perhaps the biggest challenge to the Yoga 900 is the new updated Dell XPS 13, which may not be a hybrid device, but has a gorgeous 13-inch display that fits into a notebook usually reserved for 11-inch screens. Thanks to Lenovo, Dell, Microsoft, and Apple, consumers have more choices than ever this holiday season when it comes to choosing an ultraportable laptop.

[Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images]