Rude Windshield Note Viral: Disabled Woman Finds Rude Unexpected Note On Windshield, Epic Response Goes Viral

A rude note left on a disabled Australian woman’s windshield for an unfortunate reason has gone viral. Apparently, someone felt obliged to leave her a rude accusatory message after seeing her exit her vehicle and walk into a store without any form of assistance. The unknown writer of the windshield note may have assumed she was in good health, but that definitely is not the case. Shocked and dismayed, she was definitely taken aback by the extremely rude message so she decided to respond to the cruel allegations. She’s made it quite clear that things aren’t as they seem. Now, her epic response has gone viral.

According to the Opposing Views, Justine Van Den Borne and her daughter were enjoying a morning of shopping at the Mitcham Shopping Center in Adelaide, South Australia. Due to Borne’s battle with Multiple Sclerosis, some days more challenging than others. But, on the day they went shopping, she was in good spirits and having a relatively pleasant time with very little complications from MS — until she and her daughter noticed a piece of paper on the windshield.

According to The Age, the mysterious piece of paper had been placed on the windshield of Borne’s car near her disability parking tag. The rude note, which appears to have been written on a small memo pad, contained a five-word question with a highly offensive, subliminal accusation?

“Did you forget your wheelchair???”

The offensive windshield note influenced Borne’s decision to address the accusations. So, she took to Facebook with a lengthy post explaining the series of events that occurred that day and why she was walking without the assistance of a wheelchair or walker. Borne, who was diagnosed with MS at the age of 35, offered a brief glimpse into her everyday life, which usually involves assistance from her children due to complications from MS. However, the day the unknown driver left the rude note on the windshield happened to be one of her better days. But, unfortunately, all of that changed after she read the letter. In addition to the lengthy Facebook post, she also included a photo of the note.

Here’s the text from her Facebook post.

“To person that left this on my car last week at Mitcham Shopping Centre- I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when I was 35. Not just MS but the worst one that never goes away and is slowly crippling my life. My kids have had to deal with things that kids shouldn’t ever have to deal with and all of our futures are forever changed. On the day you saw me I was having a good day, I was walking with my daughter unaided having a nice day.”

She went on to thank the unknown person for ruining what initially began as a relatively good day. Borne also voiced her frustrations over being criticized when she has good days. When people see her walking unaided, they quickly assume she must be in good health, abusing the system for accessible parking.

“Thank you for ruining that. You made me feel like people were looking at me, the exact way I feel when I can’t walk properly. I am sick of people like yourself abusing me on my good days for using a facility I am entitled to. A disability doesn’t always mean a person has to be wheelchair bound but lucky for you I one day will be.”

She ended her powerful statement with a bit of advice to those who may find it it necessary to leave a note on someone’s windshield. “Before you ruin another persons day remember you don’t know everything and just because you can’t see it it doesn’t mean a person isn’t struggling to put one foot in front of the other.”

The photo of the windshield note was uploaded to Facebook on November 9. The post now has more than 100,000 likes and nearly 20,000 shares.

[Image via Facebook]