Kimbo Slice Claims Dada 5000 Is A ‘Real Piece Of S**t’ And Is ‘Ready To F**king Break His Face’ At Bellator 149

When it comes to MMA today, most of the fighters are trained, tried, and tested in their respective combat sport. Either it be wrestling, martial arts, boxing, or the like, it is mostly a given they need some sort of disciplinary base. Back in MMA’s glory days, especially in UFC, any Joe off the streets had the chance for glory. Needless to say, those guys with little or no professional training wouldn’t last in MMA today.

Despite this, Kimbo Slice is an exception. He has no professional training prior to his MMA career. As a matter of fact, all of Kimbo’s prior experiences can be allocated to two details of this past: bouncing at strip clubs, and fighting in unsanctioned street fights. Despite the unrefined methods of said training, Kimbo has a professional MMA record of 5-2-0. Not only that, Kimbo had some well-known MMA fighters on his list of those he defeated, including Tank Abbott and, most recently, Ken Shamrock (fight video attached below, though Joe Rogan thinks it “looks fake”).

This, along with his association with adult entertainment site Reality Kings and vulgar fight hyping has made Kimbo Slice an entertaining draw for Bellator MMA. Now, Kimbo is set to make his return to action at Bellator 149 against Dhafi Harris, who is better known as “Dada 5000.” And just to be clear, Kimbo does have issues with Dada — the former calls the latter a real “piece of s**t.” Also, Kimbo is also “ready to “f**king break his face.”

For those who do not know, Kimbo Slice and Dada 5000 have some history together prior to their respective MMA careers. According to MMA News, both were childhood friends. At one time, Dada was a bodyguard for Kimbo. Dada is also like Kimbo when it comes to his training prior to MMA — he participated in unsanctioned street fighting. If they had any brotherly love or respect for one another back then, it seems gone now, as shown in Kimbo’s recent interview with Sherdog. Kimbo talked about his upcoming opponent and the words he exchanged were nothing but nice.

“He’s a real piece of s**t. I don’t like him. I’m ready to f**king break his face on February 19.”

To be fair, Kimbo Slice is a master of selling his own fights, and he never fails to mention the network or promotion he is signed to. Most of the time, he creates animosity towards his opponents, though there might not be any reason for the animosity in the first place. With Dada, however, it is a different story. Dada is accused of stealing Kimbo’s image. Ironically, however, Kimbo himself may have given said “stolen image” to Dada in the first place.

“This dude had no beard. He had no tattoos. I don’t think he even had a job at the time, so we hooked him up, gave him a little work. Said come f**k with us, come take this ride with us. Because this was a movement: me coming from the street fighting and having my first fight against Ray Mercer.

“So we brought a few of our guys with us on this run. [Manager ‘Icy’ Mike Ember] at the time paid for a lot of the boys’ tickets and helped a lot of the boys out to travel with us. And this dude was a real p***y about it. But he’s a real f**kboy man. He’s a real sucker. For that reason alone, I just want to do something to him. I’m losing words right now, just getting amped up about it.”

Using Kimbo Slice’s image, along with calling him out at Maximum Fighting Alliance’s event New Generation 4, may be a means for Dada 5000 to make it into the MMA big leagues. Apparently, it worked, with his next fight happening in Bellator MMA. He, however, has to deliver against Kimbo, though, because he may not get another chance in the promotion if he does fail, especially if Kimbo has something to say about it.

Bellator 149 will take place on February 19, 2016, at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. Though MMA fans are looking forward to see if Kimbo Slice can put away Dada 5000, the fight everyone is looking forward to is the main event, a third fight between Ken Shamrock and Royce Gracie.

[Photo by Robert Laberge / Getty Images]