Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Saints Sean Payton To Replace Jason Garrett For Next Season

The Dallas Cowboys are not having a great season and it shows with numerous injuries and a current, six-game losing streak. The New Orleans Saints were hoping to have a great season, as well; but, halfway through the season, they are sitting at 4-5. Now, rumors are starting to swirl and one has Saints head coach Sean Payton heading to Dallas after the season is over to take over the Cowboys from Jason Garrett.

Saints’ owner Tom Benson is dealing with legal issues and family troubles that have caused a big rift. Matters haven’t been made any easier by the fact the Saints are sitting at 4-5 and have a hard climb ahead of them if they want to make the playoffs.

All of that could lead to a number of changes coming in the offseason even though many were made before the 2015 NFL regular season. Lots of trades were made and numerous big names were sent elsewhere, but Sean Payton’s departure could be the biggest of them yet.

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As reported by Yahoo Sports, the biggest issue going on with the Saints’ brass right now is whether Benson’s estranged daughter, Renee Benson, and her two children can get more power with the Saints aiding the ongoing litigation. It’s caused a huge rift in the family and in the organization.

Still, problems continue on the field for the Saints, as well, and it’s showing in the way the team is playing. They started 0-3, then won four of five games before losing a heartbreaker in overtime to the Tennessee Titans this past Sunday.

If things continue on as they are and changes happen in the front office of the New Orleans Saints, Sean Payton could see himself out of black and gold next season. Should the Saints part ways with Payton, numerous teams could be going after him and the Dallas Cowboys are one of them.

In the middle of one of the worst seasons the Cowboys have faced in a long time, there is already talk that Jason Garrett is replaceable. Yes, that’s even after he just signed a five-year extension for $30 million last season.

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Jerry Jones doesn’t have a problem spending money to make his team more successful. That could very well include changing coaches if one of his favorite people, Payton, hits the market.

Sean Payton has a winning record of 90-57 during his time with the New Orleans Saints, and he’s also won a Super Bowl. That’s enough to make anyone sit up, take notice, and show interest if he’s to become available.

Sports World Report is reporting that if there is indeed an ownership change in New Orleans and Tom Benson is indeed out, then so is Payton.

At this point, it appears as if there is a 50/50 chance that Sean Payton is back in New Orleans next season. There are a lot of legal venues and issues that need to be gone through first, and then it will be fully known whats happening with Tom Benson, Payton, and the Saints as a whole.

Until then, many teams are going to keep one eye on the franchise to see what they do this season. Those coach-hungry teams will also be waiting for any further information to come forth on the ownership battle happening with the Saints.

The New Orleans Saints still have hopes of making the playoffs this season, but they’re going to need to win a lot and get plenty of help. As for the Dallas Cowboys, it appears as if they are already looking ahead to next season…a season that could see Jason Garrett out and possibly Sean Payton in.

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