Jessa Seewald Reveals How Anna Duggar Helped Her Start Labor

Jessa Duggar Seewald just had her baby boy, and now information is coming out about his birth and more. Jessa’s sister-in-law, Anna, has done a few home births herself, and it turns out she actually helped Jessa to get her labor started. People shared what Anna did to help out Jessa. Anna shared with Jessa what worked for her when it was time to start labor with her third child. They tried out exercise, which does work for some people.

“My sister-in-law Anna told me she walked stairs and that worked with her son Marcus. We walked up and down the stairs together 20 times until I was like, ‘Okay, no more.’ “

Jessa shared that she did this and then took a break. Just two hours later, she started to have contractions, so it sounds like it might have worked for her. If not, it was a crazy coincidence that she started labor just a couple of hours later. This was the first child for Jessa and Ben, but you know she will be remembering what worked for her when it is time to give birth again in the future. Jessa ended up being in labor for 48 hours, and it was a lot different than she had expected going into it.

People shared that this was not the only thing that Jessa Duggar tried when she wanted to induce labor, but the others things Jessa tried didn’t work for her. Jessa admitted to eating an entire pineapple in hopes that it would induce labor for her, but this didn’t happen. Here is what Jessa Seewald had to say about it.

“Haha! So has anyone else tried the ‘eating an entire fresh pineapple’ thing for helping to bring on labor? Apparently it doesn’t work for everyone, ’cause I ate the whole thing yesterday… and still no signs of labor! (Sure was a tasty pineapple tho!)”

There are so many different things that you can try to get your labor going, but they don’t always work. Luckily for Jessa, Anna Duggar’s idea to get to walking must have helped her out. Jessa had teased she felt as big as a barn and was obviously ready for her baby to be born.

Jessa ended up not having her baby boy until a few days after his due date. She was able to have the home birth that she wanted, but Jessa had a few problems after her son was born. There was a lot of blood, and her mom, Michelle, had to call 911 and then take her to the emergency room to get checked out. An ambulance picked up Jessa at the house, and it all worked out in the end.

Jessa and Ben Seewald named their son Spurgeon Elliot Seewald. They had a big baby boy, measuring 21.5-in. and weighing 9 lb., 11 oz. So far, the family has been sharing pictures of him, but you will get to see more of the baby when the Duggars return for upcoming specials on TLC that will start airing in December.

The special coming to TLC is called Jill and Jessa: Counting On. This will be all about the lives of Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald. It has already been confirmed that Josh Duggar will not be allowed on the show at all, but you never know what other Duggar family members will show up. This special will have Jessa Seewald’s baby shower, which should have a lot of the family there. So far, TLC has not confirmed the actual air date for these specials, but they will start in December, so make sure you don’t miss them if you want updates on the Dillards and the Seewalds.

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