Tom Schwartz On His Relationship After Cheating: ‘Maybe I’m Still A Little Wishy Washy’

Tom Schwartz wasn’t ready to pop the question last year when his girlfriend of many years, Katie Maloney, wanted to get engaged. All she wanted from him was a commitment, and he wanted a certain amount of money in his bank account before he wanted to settle down. But as Katie backed off on the entire engagement, Tom felt that he was ready to pop the question — on his own terms.

As it turns out, Tom Schwartz is glad that he got engaged. But just because he is now getting ready to get married doesn’t mean that all of his relationship issues have been fixed. As Schwartz himself explains, he isn’t exactly completely out of the wishy-washy situations he got himself into after he cheated on Katie last year.

According to a new Bravo report, Tom Schwartz is now revealing that he is trying everything to get his life back on track. In fact, Schwartz is trying to mend all the hurt he caused when he cheated on Katie. He wanted her to be happy with him, but she had a hard time trusting him after the cheating. And since a proposal didn’t come after the cheating was exposed, Maloney may have questioned her relationship. But Tom is ready to rebuild everything he has ruined.

“I did declare it the ‘Year of Tom,’ and it is! This is just a year of turning things around and redeeming myself. I feel like I was just kind of going through the motions of life over the course of the last year,” Tom Schwartz revealed to Bravo, adding, “And I wasn’t loyal to my girlfriend. I was so wishy washy, you know. Maybe I’m still a little wishy washy, but I feel like I’ve come a long way.”

To regain Katie’s trust, Tom Schwartz had to start over with everything. He ended up getting a rescue dog named Gordo to show that he can commit himself to something. It was a sign that he could settle down a little bit, even if it didn’t mean getting an engagement ring. And when it came to the emotional damage, Schwartz revealed that they had to start completely over.

“I feel like me and Katie had to completely fall apart, and just like get it all out. There was so much pent up, not resentment, well, some resentment. There was so much, I feel like we had to let it all out and it was kind of a disaster and after that [it was fine],” he explains.

Tom Schwartz is happy that he proposed to Katie Maloney while filming Vanderpump Rules. As he explains, he is glad that he learned to commit himself and he is thrilled that he finally pulled the trigger. It sounds like it has been nothing but great times since they got engaged.

“It was a huge shock to everybody because nobody really knew,” Tom revealed during his sit-down with Andy Cohen and Jax Taylor for Watch What Happens Live, according to Reality Tea, adding, “I like torturing Katie. There was so much thought, anticipation and pressure put into it. Pressure that I liked, of course. I was relishing in it but there was so much happening it’ll be exciting to see it played back and to re-live it.”

And Tom isn’t the only one who is thinking about love these days. Jax is still going strong with Brittany, a girl he met in Vegas while on a trip with another girl. During the interview with Andy, Jax explained that he is very close with his co-stars, even though there is plenty of drama.

“People attack me a lot for what they see on the show but they don’t see some of the good stuff that I do. We’re all good people. Sure, there’s some backstabbing and all that, but we’re really close and everyone’s there for each other at the end of the day,” Jax explained, adding, “We all go the extra mile for each other. We do love each other. We just see each other every single day so it’s a lot.”

What do you think of Tom Schwartz finally proposing to Katie? What do you think he means with the whole wishy-washy comment?

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