Nordstrom Won’t Be ‘Decking The Halls’ Until After Thanksgiving, Retailer’s Announcement Praised On Social Media

Like many retailers around the country, Nordstrom is preparing for the biggest shopping day of the year. However, there’s one thing that’ll be totally different about Nordstrom this year. For Thanksgiving and Black Friday, you won’t see Christmas decorations inside the luxury department store. According to Fox 12, Nordstrom has made a relatively refreshing announcement that has been lauded by social media users everywhere.

The Seattle-headquartered retailer has made it clear that there will be no “decking of the halls” until after Thanksgiving. The announcement was plastered to an entrance door at one of the Nordstrom locations, according to Opposing Views. The retailer also took the time to explain why the decision to “take one holiday at a time “ was made.

Now, a photo of the announcement has gone viral because many social media users have found the announcement relatively liberating.

“We won’t be decking our halls until Friday, November 27. Why? Well, we just like the idea of celebrating one holiday at a time. From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving. You see holiday things start to happen earlier and earlier. It’s never been a part of our business to look at what other retailers are doing and say, ‘How can we copy them?’ We want to play our game and be the best Nordstrom we can be. And part of that is celebrating one holiday at a time.”

Although Christmas decor is festive, illuminating, and attractive, Nordstrom feels Thanksgiving just isn’t the time for Santa Clause, reindeers, beautiful Christmas trees, and soft white lights.

For years, they’ve adamantly insisted on separating the two holidays, but many retailers have strayed from their beliefs in an effort to profit on the biggest shopping day of the year.

According to Snopes, Nordstrom has been lauded for years for their “Christmas after Thanksgiving policy,” which is now considered a “hallmark.” In a Baltimore Sun article published in 1992, Lesa A. Sroufe, an analyst with Ragen nTC MacKenzie in Seattle, WA, lauded Nordstrom for their policy.

“No decorations before Thanksgiving — it’s a hallmark of Nordstrom. They’re very high on tradition and they’re very high on trying to keep a high quality. Tradition is very important to the Nordstrom family, and they’d rather keep to tradition as opposed to thinking how to pump sales.”

That, in turn, adds to Nordstrom’s image of being a class act, she said.

Surprisingly, social media users are actually in agreement with the retailer and have commended their efforts to keep their word and actually celebrate Thanksgiving. Even after so many years, Nordstrom refuses to do away with its policy. Many social media users have taken to Twitter in response to Nordstrom’s reminder, expressing appreciation for the commendable gesture.

Here are some of the tweets.

Nordstrom’s announcement follows the release of numerous Black Friday advertisements from top retailers around the country. As expected, most of the advertisements are filled with Christmas-themed displays, but Nordstrom’s advertisements are a bit different from the rest. Even the Twitter ads pay reverence to Thanksgiving without intertwining the two holidays.

What do you think about Nordstrom’s decision not to put up Christmas decor for Thanksgiving? Do you agree or disagree with their idea? Share your thoughts.

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