Jessa Seewald And Husband Ben Finally Name Their Son, Meet Spurgeon Elliot Seewald

After much deliberation, Jessa Seewald and husband Ben have finally come up with a name for their baby son. Fans have been waiting since his birth on November 5 for the new parents to pick out a name. They have and it has been officially revealed on the Duggar family YouTube channel in a video. The chosen name for baby Seewald is Spurgeon Elliot Seewald.

How did this couple come up with such an unusual name? In case you haven’t ever heard of the name Spurgeon, it is keeping with their Christian faith, as expected. Daddy Ben loves to read from Charles Spurgeon’s sermons. The Baptist pastor was one of the most well-known preachers in the 1800s, and many people have read his writings for years.

Ben also explained that the baby’s middle name of Elliot is in honor of missionaries Jim and Elisabeth Elliot who worked in South America, just like Jessa’s older sister Jill Dillard. Unfortunately, Jim Elliot died on the mission field. It is obvious that both Ben and Jessa Seewald chose these names carefully and thoughtfully.

In the video, Jessa is looking much better than she did in the family’s first photo together. She looked quite weak but it looks like she is back on her feet and loving on her son now. The new mom is holding the baby with Ben by their side sitting in the kitchen at their Arkansas home.

The sweet baby was sleeping peacefully in his mommy’s arms and is adorable. Jessa had said how blessed they are to have this little guy in their lives. While this is quite an unusual name for a child, it certainly has meaning for his parents. Jessa had previously mentioned that they wanted a “strong name with a lot of meaning.”

Just recently, Jessa Seewald had shared with People magazine the difficult home birth that she had, which resulted in her having to be rushed to the hospital. Once there, they had to give her a blood transfusion while her son stayed in the care of the Duggar family at home until he was brought to her. It was a scary time for the Seewald family.

Jessa’s older sister, Jill Dillard, also gave her firstborn son a rather different name as well. She and Derick chose the name of Israel for their baby. The male cousins have already met each other through FaceTime. Since the Dillards are so far away now, this is how they get to keep up to date with the Duggar family. Israel and Spurgeon got to meet each other in the cutest way.

Israel and Spurgeon meeting each other. (Photo by Ben Seewald Twitter).

TLC is expected to be airing some, if not all, of the drama concerning Jessa Seewald’s labor and delivery of baby Spurgeon on their new reality show in December. She ended up losing a lot of blood that night and almost fainted because of it. It will be interesting to see just how much the network will show of the birth and delivery, and the scary moments, of the 23-year-old reality star’s trip to the hospital.

Baby Seewald was originally nicknamed Quincy by his daddy throughout Jessa’s pregnancy. It was just something that he called the unborn child and it seemed to stick. Many thought that maybe Quincy would end up being his real name. The Seewalds also had many other names to choose from after they posted a video asking their fans to pick out baby names they liked a few months ago. However, the name of Spurgeon was most likely not on that list.

What are your thoughts on the name that Ben and Jessa Seewald picked for their firstborn?

[Photo by Jessa Seewald Twitter]